Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Kiss Him Actively

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Chapter 713: Kiss Him Actively
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"You care about me that little?" He complained like a child, "Didn't you even want to ask me to stay?"

Xinghe's body shivered once more as he bit on her earlobe again. She glared at him and warned, "Don't bite my ear again."

If this became his habit, it would be very troublesome for her.

"Okay." Mubai raised his hands in mock surrender before leaning in for a kiss. "I'll stop that but do this instead, is that okay?"

Xinghe was speechless.

"You really don't want me to stay?" Mubai grumbled with dissatisfaction. He knew he had to go but he still demanded to hear her say that she wanted him to stay a little while longer. This was how lovers should act, at least to him anyway.

Xinghe saw through his ploy and said with good humor, "If you want to stay, then you can stay. What difference does it make if I say those words or not?"

"It matters very much to me." Mubai stared deeply into her eyes. "I wish to hear you ask me to stay because you don't want to part with me."

Xinghe didn't say anything. She studied his features for one second or two before suddenly leaning in to kiss him on his lips. Mubai widened his eyes in shock, he didn't expect her to kiss him voluntarily!

Mubai's heart was riding a rollercoaster into the heavens. He was on cloud nine. He responded immediately and grabbed her closely. His passivity turned into activity and he started to kiss her with crazy abandon!

Surprised by his vehemence and excitement, Xinghe's first instinct was to run

However, Mubai gave her no space to retreat. He kissed her for a long time. Not until both of their lips were numb was he willing to let her go. Xinghe felt that her brain was lacking oxygen and she might be entering a paralysis. After she was let go of, she started gasping greedily for air

Mubai seemed to be doing much better. He caressed the small of her back and whispered in a sexy growl, "I really have to go but come get me if you need anything. Also, remember to take care of your health."

"You too," Xinghe whispered in return.

Mubai smiled with satisfaction. He added with heavy unwillingness, "How about I stay for another half an hour, some alone time for the two of us."

Xinghe nodded with a smile, she was feeling better. Then they spent the half an hour quietly in each other's arms!

Even though they didn't really do anything or say anything, the feeling of being in each other's embrace was wonderful. Mubai didn't think he would ever fall so deeply in love with a woman that his world would light up whenever he was in her company. He thought that was a happiness that he was not destined to have, but he really did have it in his arms then.

Mubai felt greatly satisfied, and that affirmed his conviction in protecting their relationship and it was the same for Xinghe.

Finally, Mubai left. Even though he was not physically by her side, she didn't feel alone. She felt protected and safe because she knew no matter what happened, Mubai would be in her corner, supporting her.

She cherished this kind of trust. She really felt her life was almost complete, only almost because it was still missing her mother. So now, she would fight with her entire strength to complete her life.

After Elder Shen had made his intention clear, Shen Ru's and Tong Yan's hatred at Xinghe was at its maximum limit. They already hated her before, but now, they wanted her dead!

For the sake of revenging against Xinghe, they were prepared to give up everything and anything.