Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 712

Chapter 712 I Must Make Use Of Her

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Chapter 712: I Must Make Use of Her
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"Even if we expose them, they will have a way to clear their name," Xinghe observed.

Mubai smiled knowingly and scoffed. "Not only that, I believe the Chui family is controlled by the He Lan family as well."

"Why would you say that?" Xinghe queried.

Mubai explained, "The current president for Country R has only been in his post for two years, but theoretically speaking, he shouldn't even have been there. Country R has two major parties, conservatives versus democrats. The conservative party has been slowly declining since the majority of the citizens leaned towards the democratic ideals, but during the preliminaries two years ago, the conservatives suddenly had a resurgence due to the support from all the major corporations. Even the media was giving them massive and positive coverage. They also had a secret donor that helped the Chui family seize the presidency. Now that you've laid everything out, there is a reason behind the president's win and that secret donor is possibly the He Lan family."

Xinghe understood everything immediately. "The He Lan family is pulling the strings behind the scene and even the president is actually their puppet?"

"There is such a possibility."

Xinghe's gaze sharpened. "Looks like we have a lot more enemies to deal with this time."

They couldn't leave the Chui family be or else they would have problem when they came up against the He Lan family. However, the Chui family was also going to be the He Lan family's fatal flaw.

Xinghe smirked. "This Chui Ying has to consider herself unlucky because I have to make use of her."

Mubai saw through her plan. He smirked in kind. "She deserves it for sticking her hands into Tong Yan's business. All's fair in love and war."

Xinghe didn't reveal her plan in detail but Mubai seemed to have understood everything. He did know her very well.

He was right, if Chui Ying didn't openly direct her ire at Xinghe, Xinghe probably would have left her be, but she was ultimately just a stepping stone for Xinghe to take down the He Lan family.

Of course, to what degree she was going to make use of Chui Ying depended fully on Chui Ying. If she chose to come after Xinghe with malicious intent, Xinghe wouldn't mind responding in kind. After all, Xinghe was no saint, she would spare no prisoners!

"Have you figured out the plan?" Mubai asked.

Xinghe shook her head. "Not yet, I have to wait for their next course of action first. Tong Yan probably will not disappoint me, hopefully this Chui Ying doesn't as well."

She prayed that they came at her hard or else she would be deeply disappointed. Mubai had long since noticed this unique quirk about Xinghe, she was never afraid of her enemies' retribution, if anything, she savored them.

He smiled helplessly and asked, "Have you told Elder Shen the truth?"

"No, it's not yet time."

"Okay, I believe in your judgement." Mubai then pulled her in for another hug. "Do you need my help?"

Xinghe softened her tone in reply. "Thank you but it's not necessary, these are small issues. I can handle them myself, you can focus on your own business. If I need your help, I will come to you."

"Okay." Mubai didn't challenge her but chose to respect her decision. "Then I will come back later."

"See you then." Xinghe nodded. Even though she was sad that he was leaving, she understood he had his own schedule to follow.

To her surprise, Mubai suddenly nibbled on her ear lobe with some dissatisfaction.