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    Chapter 696 The Opening

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    Chapter 696: The Opening
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    Xinghe looked at him and suggested kindly, "Actually, you're quite good already, there's no need to do all this."

    "But I'm still less than you. Don't worry, I don't mind calling you teacher if it can help improve my ability," Ee Chen said openly without any trouble or pretext. He was a broad-minded person, he didn't mind learning from his peer if it could enrich himself. Unlike many other characters in this book, he didn't feel envious or annoyed by Xinghe simply because she was better than he was.

    Xinghe nodded. "Okay, we can discuss this later."

    That was as good a promise as any for Ee Chen. His lips curved from elation and promised to treat her like he would treat a respectable teacher. Ali's group felt oddly envious watching Xinghe take Ee Chen as her student. They also wanted to be her students!

    However, they understood that their computer skills were indeed too lacking to qualify as her students. Thankfully, they were good friends and comrades with her and that knowledge did soothe their jealousy quite a bit.

    Xinghe wasn't aware of the little humorous power struggle with her at the center, so she went back to focus on Angel Orphanage. If the place was out in the open, she could see it, but it was a different story for things that happened inside the buildings. However, this was sufficient for what they needed.

    Time slowly passed, and it was soon night. Xinghe's group all focused on the movement within the orphanage, and soon, they discovered that people had started action.

    While the orphanage quieted down for the night, a woman carrying a child in her arms came out from one of the buildings and headed straight to the van. Then, two guys holding a crate between them intercepted her.

    They placed the child into the crate and sealed the crate. Then the crate was tossed into the back of the van. After everything was secured, the van's engine started up, and they drove away. Their every action was recorded by Xinghe.

    Ee Chen whispered, "What shall we do now?"

    "Let's go hijack that car!" Sam suggested in a severe tone. They were furious seeing this for themselves. Now, they believed many orphans had died an unknown death in that orphanage.

    They couldn't imagine the things these children had gone through before they died, but it must have been some cruel torment. If possible, they wanted to level this sick orphanage and demolish the entire He Lan family!

    Xinghe kept her cool head and rejected them. "There's no need to be get personally involved, we should call the police."

    "That's right, we should report them to the police!" Ali agreed.

    Ee Chen though was dubious. "The He Lan family is too powerful, I don't think that law enforcement can harm them in any way."

    "Then, what's the point of hijacking their car?" Xinghe asked.

    The rest of them were silenced. Indeed, if law enforcement couldn't do anything against them, then what was the point of stopping their van?

    They temporarily wouldn't be able to harm the He Lan family and the only thing they could do was report them to the police and at least light a small fire under them.

    This was Xinghe's purpose, to find themselves an opening to deal with the He Lan family.

    Thus, Xinghe immediately sent the video to the nearest police station. Not only that, she also posted the video online and soon her video became a trending topic!