Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Xia Xinghe You Have To Come

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Chapter 62: Xia Xinghe, You Have to Come

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"Ms. Chu, that is so nice and thoughtful of you. But I fear my sister won't be gracious enough to accept Ms. Chu's kindness."

"Why not?" Tianxin said with a frown. If Xinghe didn't come, her plan would fail.

Wushuang lowered her voice and said with much difficulty, "Ms. Chu, there should be no secrets between friends so please don't look down on my family if I tell you this. My sister hasn't been her best self for the past few years, this kind of setting is not suitable for her. She knows she'll be a laughing stock if she accepts the invitation so she probably won't come."

Tianxin of course knew how bad Xinghe's current situation was.

Naturally, she didn't say that but sighed regrettably. "But it's not like we invited her because we want her to be made fun of. As you know, Lin Lin hasn't seen his mom for many years"

"Ms. Chu, I understand and appreciate your kindness, in fact you're the kindest person I've ever known, but I don't think Xia Xinghe would have the face to attend this party."

"But Mubai told me she promised she would be here."


"Really." Tianxin punctuated with a forceful nod.

Wushuang suppressed her mounting urge to laugh.

Xia Xinghe agreed to come She must have gotten a hole through her head.

Well, you know what they say, hussies and sl*ts have to be thick-skinned to survive.

These thoughts cropped up in her mind as happiness and anticipation rose up in her heart.

"Ms. Chu, I know my sister's personality. If she said she will come, I believe she will. It's just that I'm afraid she'll only be there when the party's almost over" Wushuang couldn't finish the sentence because she burst out laughing. Tianxin did the same!

Even the frequency of their laughs was similar.

After their laughs subsided, both ladies took a look at one another and they found a strange yet familiar resonance in each other's eyes.

What they saw and recognized was hatred for the b*tch, Xia Xinghe.

Tianxin tried her best to collect herself and said in a calm voice, "It will be too bad if that's the case. Xi Lin will be so disappointed"

"I'm sure he will be. For his sake, I wish she could arrive right at this moment," Wushuang concurred.

They kept mentioning Xi Lin but of course neither of them cared about the boy. It was for their own sake that they wished Xinghe would be there.

So, Xia Xinghe, you have to come as soon as possible.

Or else they would be utterly disappointed and deflated.

The two vipers incarnate found more similarities between each other as the conversation continued. Finally, Tianxin found herself comfortable enough in Wushuang's company that she dropped her charade.

She said openly, "Wushuang, why don't you help me go and see whether that woman has arrived, call me if and when she does."

"No problem." Wushuang parted with a knowing smile.

Tianxin started laughing as Old Mrs. Xi walked over. She asked, "Tianxin, what are you doing laughing to yourself?"

"Auntie!" Tianxin's smile turned brighter as she pulled the older woman intimately in for a hug. She explained, "It's nothing, I just feel very happy today."

Old Mrs. Xi laughed and said jokingly, "Very happy thinking about your imminent wedding to Mubai?"

"Auntie, you're mocking me again" Tianxin blushed, her every calculated movement was a display of elegance.

Old Mrs. Xi looked at her approvingly. The more time she spent with Tianxin the more she liked her future daughter-in-law.

"Tianxin, the celebration is starting soon. Remember to come on stage when auntie calls your name okay? Auntie is going to personally announce your upcoming nuptial to Mubai."

Tianxin giggled girlishly, exclaiming, "Really, auntie You're so good to me!"