Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 549

Chapter 549 Still The Best

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Chapter 549: Still the Best
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After she'd started buying out Xi Empire, Xi Empire's stock indeed started to fall, and its product was still to stop selling. Xi Empire was also hit with another blow in the form of Xi Mubai's accident. Xi Empire didn't disappoint her, and it started to deteriorate day after day.

She knew she would need time and patience to swallow this giant whale. In fact, she had hunkered down to prepare to take it slow.

Therefore, Xi Empire's sudden clap back came as a huge surprise to her. After losing Xi Mubai, Xi Empire still came up with such a daring tactic. Just how did they do it?

Aren't they afraid such wastage of assets will accelerate Xi Empire's death? Or is this just a dying beast's last struggle?

However, no matter how she looked at it, it didn't appear like Xi Empire was giving up. Then, this was revenge against Bao Hwa. Lin Jing's face darkened when she realized this.

At that time, Lin Xuan's call arrived.

"Hello, Big Brother." Lin Jing spoke softly into the phone.

Lin Xuan asked, "Xi Empire is buying out Bao Hwa, what's your opinion?"

"I didn't expect that."

Lin Xuan chuckled. "Their reaction sure was fast. I also didn't expect after Xi Mubai's death, they could come up with a plan like this."

"In other words, this is not Xi Mubai's decision." Lin Jing's words were laced with confidence. As long as it was not Xi Mubai, then she had nothing to be afraid of. This was probably beginner's luck from the person she was going up against.

Lin Xuan thought the same way. "Since Xi Empire has fought back, the plan to swallow them will be a lot more difficult."

"Brother, don't worry, I will handle this," Lin Jing said in the same confidence.

"What's your plan?"

Lin Jing smirked coldly. "Without Xi Mubai, Xi Empire's death is inevitable. So, the only thing I can do now is to continue fighting with them, after all, we'll the last one standing."

"Jing Jing, it is not clever to butt heads with Xi Empire so openly."

"I know, but Big Brother, you're on my side, right? With you around, I have confidence to take down Xi Empire. Furthermore, we've already sacrificed Lin Yun; we have to win this in her memory."

Lin Xuan laughed. "Fine, I believe in your capability. You've managed so much at your young age; no one will be able to be your competitor. Go on with your plan, I will help should you need it."

"Thank you." After she hung up the phone, Lin Jing's mouth curved into a villainous smile. Xi Empire, since you're so stubborn, we'll see who will win in the end!

To everyone's surprise, Bao Hwa also fought back. Now they were using also triple the market price to buy Xi Empire's stocks!

In other words, they were matching Xi Empire's price.

The people who were watching were stunned. So, Bao Hwa still had it in them; they dared to continue fighting with Xi Empire, this meant that they, too, were a force to be reckoned in. Looks like this was really the end for Xi Empire.

However, in the blink of an eye, Xi Empire strike back, using five times the market price to buy Bao Hwa's stock!

The public went wild.

So Xi Empire was the big boss! Every time they strike, they doubled the price, this was much more impressive than Bao Hwa.