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    Chapter 548 Xi Empire Was Still There

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    Chapter 548: Xi Empire Was Still There
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    Even though they still doubted Xinghe's capability and worried that she would usher in Xi Empire's doom more rapidly, they couldn't do anything but to submit. They believed time would prove them right!

    Just like that, Xinghe's plan was put into motion. However, they still thought the plan was too dumb; they were essentially just waiting to see her fail.

    Regardless, the good feeling of purchasing other people's shares couldn't be denied.

    Bao Hwa might be big, but could its assets be bigger than Xi Empire's? A dying elephant was still larger than an ant.

    Even without Mubai, Xi Empire was a large business empire. Therefore, since Bao Hwa dared to buy out Xi Empire, they would do the same towards them. In the competition of just money, no one could be Xi Empire's competitor.

    Xi Empire's workers might not agree with Xinghe's tactic, but they wouldn't deny the pleasure of buying out Bao Hwa's stocks. It was truly a complicated feeling.

    This news soon spread across the country. Earlier when Bao Hwa was swallowing Xi Empire, everyone was surprised by how powerful Bao Hwa was that they dared to come after Xi Empire.

    However, Xi Empire was a veritable business legend. Even though Mubai might be indisposed, no one would be able to shake their position in the market.

    When Bao Hwa started to buy out its shares, everyone thought that it was over for Xi Empire, that it had found its match. But the counterstrike by Xi Empire had truly shocked everyone.

    Bao Hwa dared to buy us out? Then we would buy them back, using three times the market price. When Bao Hwa bought the retail investor's stock, it was only at a 1.5 rate.

    Xi Empire doubled that in one go!

    Just like that, the powerful image Bao Hwa had cultivated for itself crumbled. What was left was the public's derision and ridicule.

    If they didn't go after Xi Empire so openly previously, no one would have cared. But since they were conceited enough to taunt Xi Empire, this worked out to highlight Xi Empire's strength and Bao Hwa's conceit. In the end, Bao Hwa's reputation ended up even worse than before.

    This was how people operated, the richer side would always win. Xi Empire's reputation was salvaged with this operation.

    The group of deserters were shocked. What happened to the promised deterioration and bankruptcy?

    Why didn't things go according the rule of nature? Why had Xi Empire started to fight back after they had jumped ship?

    This was just wonderful because Xi Empire's position was still unmovable, but they wouldn't be able to join back anymore!

    In other words, this group of people was just kicking themselves.

    Those that waited for Xi Empire to fall and were ready to cut open its dead body to share the profits were shocked as well.

    At that time, they realized, even after Xi Mubai was gone, Xi Empire was still there. Xi Empire's wealth didn't disappear with Mubai. Therefore, Xi Empire was still the biggest and strongest competitor on the scene.

    Back in City A, Lin Jing was furious after she witnessed the latest development. She thought Mubai's accident would give them the perfect opening to strike at Xi Empire and the Xi family.

    Things were falling into place according to her plan.