Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Mr. Xi Cheated On Her

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Chapter 485: Mr. Xi Cheated on Her

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Who would have thought, for the past few months, their interactions would have been so constant. Lying there in the dark, Xinghe let her mind wander.

If she hadn't stumbled into him and Tianxin several months ago, she wondered how her life would turn out. She wouldn't have recovered her memory and he wouldn't have anything to do with her

Then again, if she didn't lose her memory so many years ago, she wouldn't have married him in the first place. Maybe everything was already written the stars. Xinghe decided to leave this relationship to fate, since she couldn't handle it on her own, she was going to let everything slowly fall into place.

Her decision made, Xinghe cleared her thoughts and slowly drifted off to sleep.

After she fell to sleep, Mubai opened his eyes slowly. He shifted to lie on his side and looked at Xinghe's profile. He didn't want to find himself alone in the bed after he woke up so after he made sure Xinghe had really fallen asleep and wouldn't steal away in the night, he was finally relaxed enough to fall into his slumber

Outside the sun was rising. Everyone had started to stir. They unconsciously decided to gather at the computer room. When they arrived, they saw Xinghe was already there hard at word.

Ali was the first to respond. "Xinghe, you didn't sleep?"

"You should have gone to bed!" Sam scolded her lightly.

"Miss Xia, actually you don't need to rush this too much" Philip moved forward to advise her but as he got near, Xinghe suddenly passed him a stack of document.

"The location of the IV Syndicate's main base has been found. This is the address, you can have your men look at it now."

Philip was stunned. "You've found it?" He quickly recovered and accepted the document happily. "I didn't think you would locate it so fast."

"Actually, I found their server location last night but not their physical location because I took a quick nap for a few hours."

"No worries, you need to take breaks. Thank you for your help, I will have my men follow up on this. This is perfect, this means that I can hand in my candidacy form today," Philip looked at Xinghe, deeply appreciative.

After that, he turned to leave. Right then, he saw Mubai who was standing by the door. When Philip passed him, he clapped Mubai's on his shoulder and commented, "Your lady is indeed something else."

Mubai smiled proudly.

"Then, why would she divorce you?" Philip asked with a confused expression.

"" Mubai grumbled internally, Did you have to bring that up?

"What, you two are divorced? This means you were once married to each other" Ali widened her eyes in shock. Sam and the rest did the same. They were married to each other, how come they had no clue

Philip who knew half of the story explained on Mubai's behalf, but he only made it worse, "Well, a man is bound to make some mistakes here and there. A divorce is nothing huge, the important thing is that he has learnt his mistake."

Ali who was a woman understood what Philip was insinuating, "In other words, Mr. Xi cheated on Xinghe"

As if on cue, the guys turned their noses up at Mubai.

"How could you cheat on someone like Xinghe after you married her?" Sam was indignant. The man was not as good as he thought. "Ali, this is your so-called good man?" Sam huffed at Ali.

Ali, Wolf, and Cairn immediately looked at Mubai with disdain. Ali felt the most betrayed because she was the one supported Xinghe getting back together with Mubai. He'd disappointed her!

Philip again stepped in to explain, "That is all in the past, Mubai is proving his worth now, isn't he?"

"No one will think you're mute if you don't speak," Mubai suddenly interrupted him, he glared at Philip severely. "Didn't you say you have something to prepare? Why are you still here?"