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    Chapter 473 I Was So Worried

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    Chapter 473: I Was So Worried

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    His bloodshot eyes glared directly at Mubai; he was angry beyond words. "You, you dared to attack me! Men"

    Mubai shot another round at him without batting an eye. This time, Barron's face could no longer be described with the word shocked or angered. However, what could he do to prevent his blood from escaping his body?

    Barron collapsed to the ground with his eyes still wide open. The whole military was on full alert, waiting for Philip to order Mubai to be detained. Even Xinghe's group was starting to get worried for him. After all, Barron was a General, killing him outright didn't seem right

    However, Philip turned to Xinghe and asked, "Do you really have his proof of criminal activities?"

    Xinghe recovered and nodded. "That's right."

    "In that case, he deserved to die. Remember to pass me the evidence after this," Philip said matter-of-factly as if the person who'd just died was of no particular significance.

    "No problem!" Xinghe promised as she sighed in relief. At least Mubai was safe from prosecution.

    Sam's group was quite scared by this man's decisiveness and ruthlessness. He killed Barron just like that. They realized they literally had just dodged a bullet earlier.

    Barron's body was quickly and quietly taken away. He couldn't have guessed in a million years that his life would end this way. He'd brought his soldiers to end Xinghe's group and it was him who was carried away in a body bag. Sam's group didn't think it would end like this either.

    Regardless, they were thankful that it did and they came out the other end with all of them still surviving. Their luck did seem to have taken a turn for the better after they'd met Xinghe. It was thanks to her that they could overcome the series of hurdles. They decided to stick to Xinghe from now on!

    Xinghe and Mubai had the whole car to themselves. The moment the door close, Mubai pulled her into a powerful hug!

    This stunned Xinghe.

    "You have no idea how worried I've been for the past few days!" Mubai said in a tone heavy with relief as he took in her unique scent.

    Xinghe's eyes shone and replied, "Actually, I felt the same way. I thought something bad happened to you."

    A wicked smile descended on Mubai's face like a thin veil. "You were worried about me?"


    Mubai understood her worry was more on the side of her being worried as a friend but he was still overjoyed with the knowledge that he got her worried. He explained, "I'm fine, after I pushed you out the plane, I also hopped out of it with a parachute. However, I was injured in the progress so it took me some time before I could make contact with Philip. After that, I was unconscious for a few days due to exhaustion. Thankfully, I woke up in time or else who knows what would have happened to you."

    Xinghe didn't expect things to unfold this way as well. The first thing he did after he woke up was to locate her and then save her. He seemed to appear every time she needed his aid. She found herself owing him more and more

    Xinghe pushed him away politely and asked, "Then, you're alright now?"

    Mubai smirked. "That's right, fit as a fiddle. How about you? How was your injury and how did you end up with those people?"

    Xinghe roughly explained everything that had happened to her after the plane crash.

    After he heard everything, Mubai's heart was pierced with fear. If not for Sam and his friends' intervention, Xinghe would have been sold. In such a country, that would have been a horrible, horrible fate!

    "Where is that group's base?" Mubai asked darkly, he was going to wipe them out of the map.

    Xinghe read his thoughts and said softly, "We've levelled the place and killed all the disgusting men there."