Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Face Stinging A Little

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Chapter 471: Face Stinging a Little

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How could she accept that? So many bullets were raining down on Sam's group; even though the soldiers made sure to avoid firing at the people, there was no guarantee they wouldn't be grazed by stray bullets or rebounds.

"Make them stop!" Xinghe was quick to intervene.

Mubai stared at her and said innocently, "I don't have the right to order these men."

Even Philip couldn't help but be impressed by Mubai's shamelessness. If you don't have the means to orders these men, who gave the order to fire just now?

"They're your men, right?" Xinghe turned to Philip. "Can you please make them stop?"

"Definitely," Philip laughed helplessly. "But the communicator is not with me at the moment."

Mubai had forcefully taken his communicator earlier. Xinghe grabbed the communicator back from Mubai and tossed it to him, "Now, can you stop the order?"

"Of course," Philip picked up the communicator and said slowly, "I think that's more than enough, you can all stop now."

The helicopters slowly returned back into the sky. SamWolf was frozen like statues. Even though the copters had stopped firing, they still squatted motionlessly after that bullet storm, scared it would continue the moment they relaxed.

Xinghe quickly ran over to check up on them. "Are all of you alright?"

Ali raised her eyes slowly and tears were running freely down her face when she saw Xinghe.

"Xinghe, that was too scary!"

Everyone else crumbled the floor, their legs still shaking from the trauma. Some of them even suffered minor wounds from stray bullets. However, their focus wasn't on those wounds because their consciousness was occupied by the fact that they were still alive

That scenario just now was too scary.

Xinghe looked at Mubai who was walking over to her and demanded helplessly, "Are you satisfied now?"

Of course, she knew he purposely did all that because of what Sam said.

Mubai glared at Sam's group coldly before his gaze fell squarely on Sam. "Looks like you guys have been taught a lesson. Be respectful from now on and keep those unneeded thoughts to yourself. Otherwise, next time, the lesson won't be so minor."

F*ck! That was just a minor lesson

Sam almost leaped up to swing at Mubai but was pulled back down by Wolf and the rest.

"Sam, calm down, don't do anything stupid."

"How can I calm down?" Sam yelled angrily, "He almost killed me. Let me go, I'm going to"

Wolf smothered his mouth and offered a smile at Mubai, "There's something wrong with his brain; I will look after him from now on."

"I'm sorry, he is indeed an idiot," Cairn added seriously.

"None of us really know him," Ali even went as far as cutting ties from Sam.

Sam pulled away Wolf's hands angrily, "You bunch of cowards, you might be afraid of him but I'm not! Let's me go, I'll teach him a lesson!"

"Fire" Before he could finish, Mubai ordered suddenly.

"No!" Ali squatted back down on reflex and hugged her head. The rest, including Sam, following suit

However, the forest remained quiet, there were no shots.

Mubai didn't have the communicator on him; he was just scaring them. Sam's face stung with shame and anger.

Ali and the rest looked at him mockingly. Didn't you just say you weren't afraid? Why did you start cowering like the rest of us?