Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 470

Chapter 470 Teach Them A Lesson

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Chapter 470: Teach Them a Lesson

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Following Sam's sudden declaration, the atmosphere suddenly took a weird turn. Ali and the rest felt a sinking feeling in their stomachs but they had no idea why. There was a contained commotion within the military as well.

The next second, a man's chilling orders could be heard, "Surround them completely; shoot anyone who dares to move a muscle!"

At that moment, all the helicopters in the sky started moving, their searchlights directly landed on Charlie's group. The light was so blinding that they could barely open their eyes. The low flying helicopters blew up a strong draft that tousled their clothes and hair. Amidst the commotion, they could see dark gun barrels aiming at them from above!

This was the most threatened Charlie's group had ever felt!

This showcase of military power crushed their will to fight. Their thoughts of taking down their enemies with them were crushed. They felt completely helpless because they knew that being riddled with bullet holes was only an order away. If the helicopters fired down on them, they would be dead in an instant!

Sam's group was despondent. At that moment, the same man opened his mouth to say, "Xinghe, you still don't want to come out yet?"

Sam's group was shocked. They know each other

For some reason, they could hear the murderous intent in Mubai's tone.

"Just a minute," Xinghe answered softly, she turned to give Sam a side eye. "You have to stop making those declarations; they might get you killed."

"" What does she mean by that?

Xinghe didn't elaborate but walked out into the open calmly.

"Wait" Sam tried to stop her but was pulled back by Charlie.

"You idiot, one more word from you and you're going to get us killed!"

Sam couldn't understand. "But we cannot let her"

"Haven't you realized yet? They know each other!" Charlie rolled his eyes at Sam. "Plus, you're not his match."

Finally, Sam took the hint. Charlie's words were indeed proven true. Xinghe did appear to know them. The soldiers parted for her, no one giving her any difficulties.

Xinghe stopped before Mubai and looked into his dark eyes. "They're my friends, don't make this difficult for them."

"Are you hurt?" Mubai asked instead.

"I'm fine."

"You're friends with them?" he asked again.

Xinghe answered truthfully, "Yes, we're friends."

Mubai's lips curved into a smile and he replied rather sarcastically, "Only a few days and you've found quite a good group of friends, not bad."

Xinghe felt there was a hidden meaning in his words. Mubai gave another chilling smile, "But they seem to harbor unclean intentions towards you, so a little lesson is in order."

He picked up his communicator and ordered, "Teach them a lesson but don't overdo it."

"Yes, sir!" The leader up in the copters responded and ordered, "Fire at once!"

At that moment, bullets rained down on Charlie's group, not giving anyone time to react. Ali's group screamed in fear and shock from the sudden assault from the sky.

Xinghe's eyes widened in shock. "What are you doing?"

Mubai answered nonchalantly, "Teaching them a lesson."

"You might accidentally hurt them."

"Well, accidents can't be avoided sometimes."