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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 460

    Chapter 460 Let The People Go Now

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    Chapter 460: Let the People Go Now

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    His ego wouldn't allow him to be threatened by a woman. Not only that, he wanted her to pay!

    Barron was ready to call his men to search for Xinghe when his phone was flooded with messages. The incessant message alert gave him a bad feeling

    He opened the messages and widened his eyes in shock when he saw the contents. The more he saw, the worse his face became. The contents detailed all his drug trafficking activities. There weren't only time stamps but also pictures

    Impossible! Barron couldn't believe it. How can that woman get all of this incriminating information?

    The information was limited to only his and his sellers or buyers. They wouldn't leak it out since it would implicate them, so where did she get all of this?

    Barron's face darkened. He felt the threat this time. He immediately called back, the call was answered after one ring.

    "What is it that you want?" Barron hissed through the phone. His tone belied his nervousness, he needed Xinghe to not go public with the evidence.

    Xinghe replied slowly, "Let the people go or we'll die together. Don't worry, if you're willing to do that, I promise I will delete this evidence."

    "Why should I believe you?" Barron asked anxiously. After all, he would lose all his leverage if he let those people go.

    "The evidence will only get you fired but you'll still hang on to some power, or at least enough power to crush a small party like us so there's no reason for me to make you a nemesis."

    "That's basically an empty promise."

    "You have no choice but to accept. After all, I have other ways to save those people but you'll lose everything if you're fired."

    Barron's face showed an ugly expression. Xinghe was right, she had him backed into a corner. If he lost his position, his old enemies would surface and take advantage of his weakness. Furthermore, Philip was there. If he got wind of this information, he would have no chance of ever coming back because that was the platform Philip ran on, the anti-drugs trafficking platform

    Therefore, he had no choice but to cooperate with Xinghe.

    "Fine, I will let them go. But you'd better stick to your promise or I will haunt all of you even if I die!" Barron warned seriously.

    Xinghe was unfazed. "Don't worry, I'm a woman of my words. Go release them now, including Charlie. Also, if I see any serious injuries on my friends, this thing's going public!"

    "I know!" Barron shut his phone angrily. He instantly called his men to stop with the torture.

    He personally waited for Charlie to come out. Thankfully, Charlie came out of the room soon, following him behind him was Philip's group.

    "General, do you have any orders?" Barron asked eagerly.

    Philip responded lightly, "Nothing for now but take good care of this man, I might have use for him in the future."

    He meant Charlie.

    Barron nodded in a hurry. "Of course, General. I know what to do!"

    "Good, I still have something to attend to so I will take my leave now. Keep the fact of my visit here to yourself."

    "Yes, sir!" Baron promised loudly. Philip nodded and led his men away.