Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 456

Chapter 456 Somethings Weird

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Chapter 456: Something's Weird

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"How did you manage that?" Philip questioned.

Barron answered, "We located their base and I had my men lay siege to it."

"In other words, you know where their base is?"

" Yes!" Barron's answer was hesitant. This was because he didn't exactly know where the base's location was, only Charlie knew that. He'd only led his men to intercept the munitions that were heading out of the base.

Philip looked him straight in the eye and asked, "Where is their base?"

"General, why do you ask, has something happened?" Barron questioned instead.

"Answer me, who gave you the power to question me"

"I'm sorry, General!"

Philip asked again, more forcefully this time, "So where is the base?"

Barron's eyes shifted and said confidently, "General, I have no idea where exactly their base is but the person who infiltrated the base would know. However, the person is currently kept in my captivity because he has committed a great disservice to the country. Why don't you move to a drawing room first and I'll have him over for you to interrogate."?

Philip narrowed his eyes on him and finally nodded. "Then, bring the man over quickly. Any mishap and you'll be punished!"

"Yes, sir!" Barron guaranteed loudly as he helped Philip open his door. "General, please wait at the drawing room."

Philip got out of the car and rose to his full height. The other man got down from the other side. He was as tall as Philip but Barron still couldn't get a good look of his face. He was curious about the man's identity but he didn't dare to ask or even take a look at him.

Philip didn't make the introduction so it was not his business to ask. However, from the way Philip treated him, the person had a certain importance. After Barron's adjutant led the two men to the drawing room, Barron brought a few men to the jail. Xinghe saw Barron heading towards the jail and quickly informed Sam's gang.

"Barron is coming, Ali and Wolf go into hiding quick, Sam and Cairn try your best to not get exposed!"

"F*ck, why is he coming over?" Sam cursed under his breath but he quickly assumed his required post. Together with Cairn, they lowered their head and stood in attention.

They saluted wordlessly as Barron walked over. Barron stopped before them and ordered coldly, "Open Charlie's jail cell now!"

"Yes, sir!" Sam coarsened his voice to answer and turned to walk in front of Barron.

Barron was still thinking about how to make Charlie cooperate when he noticed something funny about the guard walking in front of him. He narrowed his eyes slightly as his suspicions grew. However, he showed nothing on his face.

He stopped suddenly to whisper to one of his men. The soldier nodded before turning to walk away. Sam tried to keep his cool as he walked in front. The long corridor was suspiciously quiet. The sound of falling footsteps shook Sam's heart.

Xinghe who stared at the screen felt a bad feeling rising in her gut.

"Barron might have found something suspicious" Xinghe whispered into the mic, "Be on alert and take him hostage if necessary! I've arranged for the men to meet all of you outside, just be careful."

After Xinghe said so, Sam's hand over the machinegun tightened.