Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Surround Them

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Chapter 449: Surround Them

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97
"You really know where Charlie is?" Sam asked in a serious tone.

Ryan nodded. "Of course! I didn't mention anything earlier because there's nothing in it for me. Now that there is, I'm more than willing to tell."

"Ryan, if you dare to lie to us, you're a dead man!" Wolf pointed at him and warned.

Ryan laughed. "Don't worry, I will not lie to you."

"Okay, we'll trust you this one time." Sam nodded, signaling Wolf and Ali to go take the chest. The two produced from the car trunk a square silver chest. They put the chest on the floor and after they opened it; the glow of the chest full of gold was blinding. Under the glittering sun, the gold was bedazzling. Ryan's eyes were practically glued to them. He didn't expect Sam's gang to be able to really produce so much gold!

Ryan rubbed his eyes and asked, "Where did you guys get so many gold bars?"

Sam smiled cryptically. "That has nothing to do with you. You only need to tell us Charlie's location."

"Sam, tell me honestly, did you guys find some get-rich-quick method? I don't want the gold anymore, I want you to share your method with me instead," Ryan said with an endearing smile. He was trying to tease out whether SamWolf had aligned themselves with some forces he couldn't cross. Of course, Sam saw through his ploy.

He replied with a serious face, "There is no such scheme, we simply got lucky."

"For real?"

"Real or not is none of your business. If you don't tell us Charlie's location soon, we're leaving and the deal is over!" Sam turned to leave. Ali closed the chest and prepared to leave as well. Ryan's eyes followed the chest and a cold intention drew across them.

"Get out here!" He ordered suddenly and many people appeared from behind the ruined house. There were at least thirty of them and each had a gun. They were all aimed Sam's group that was surrounded in the middle. Sam's gang also raised their guns instantly. They formed a defensive circle immediately. Ali even dropped the chest to grab at her weapon.

"Ryan, what is the meaning of this" Sam demanded angrily.

Ryan laughed loudly, his eyes whirlpools of darkness. "Isn't it obvious? I'm robbing you! Leave the gold and weapons and I might consider letting you people go with your lives!"

Wolf spat condescendingly, "You think your group of ruffians can take us down?"

As he said so, the group closed in on them. Sam's group was instantly alerted.

Ryan replied smugly, "That's right, this group of ruffians is going to rob you blind! Your SamWolf gang has been looking down on us, right? Well, you'll have a taste of the Grey Rat's might today! What if you people are trained, can you take on so many of us"

"I alone can kill half of your goons here!" Sam huffed with derision and Wolf added fearlessly, "Leave the other half to me then!"

"Bunch of stubborn oafs, show them what they're up against!" Ryan ordered and around eight of the men pulled out grenades.

Even Cairn had lost it then. "Sh*t, that's our stuff!"