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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 422

    Chapter 422 Dreaming

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    Chapter 422: Dreaming
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    Xinghe studied him closely to understand these new observable changes in her mind. At that moment, the sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes. Xinghe was shocked once more suddenly looking into his rather confused yet deep eyes. However, the awkwardness didn't last, she moved away from him and said, "You're finally awake. Good, I have something to discuss with you"

    Before Xinghe could finish, she saw Mubai's handsome face approaching her. He was going to kiss her!

    As the gentle and familiar touch fell on her lips, a shock of electricity shot through her body, frying her brain in the process. Other than the widening of her eyes, Xinghe's whole body had went into shut down. Of course, she knew what was happening but for some reason, her usual astute brain, seemed to have entered a state of inactivity. She felt Mubai's teeth on her lips and his hot breath on her face

    Like before, it was until his tongue started advancing that she recovered with another jolt of electricity! Reflexively, she averted her face and her eyes were shaking with anxiety?

    The atmosphere suddenly became unspeakably awkward. The next second, Mubai sat up and yawned. In his magnetic voice, he said, "Sorry, I thought I was dreaming just then."

    Xinghe stared at him and felt the rush to hit him arose in her heart looking at his serious countenance. Mubai offered a wicked smile. "Sorry, I haven't had a good night sleep in the past half month and just came off the plane, so fell asleep here but I'm wide awake now."


    Xinghe knew that was a straight-faced lie. However, she didn't want to dwell on it and open another can of worms. She also sat up and asked naturally, "How's your progress?"

    "Not bad. Also, I want to apologize for dragging you into the mess. I'm sorry." Mubai stared gently at her and said softly, "You can keep your hands clean for the rest, I will handle everything. You don't need to worry about the criminal charge."

    "I'm not," Xinghe answered softly, "I'm not a worrier but you should know I can't sit still and do nothing."

    Mubai held her eye contact quietly for two second and changed the subject, "Are you hungry? I am, let's get some food first."

    "Okay," Xinghe agreed, she was rather hungry herself. Mubai smiled and quickly ordered for food to be sent in. The maid quickly sent in a lot of food, every single plate was piping hot. It was obvious the food was prepared beforehand and kept hot until they woke up. The two were hungry so they enjoyed the meal in silence. Mubai, like usual, kept helping Xinghe take the food

    Xinghe didn't want to waste time so she focused on eating. She finished soon. They put down their chopsticks at almost the same time.

    "Why don't you have more?" Mubai asked with concern. "You had so little."

    "I'm full. How about you?" Xinghe asked.

    Mubai didn't answer, instead he poured her half a glass of red wine. "Let's have a drink then."