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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 41

    Chapter 41 You Have Too Many Sins

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    Chapter 41: You Have Too Many Sins

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    In their opinion, Wu Rong had some convincing points too

    Xinghe's mouth curved into a smile, adding, "You said mine is fake, and yours is real?"

    "You heard me," Wu Rong feigned concern, saying, "Xinghe, you have always been a troublesome child, I'd decided to ignore it when you were out there doing those demeaning stuff to ruin your father's family name, but now you're back to defraud your own stepmother? How could you? I couldn't stay quiet anymore, even though it might go against what I promised your dead father but I swear I'll expose you as a fraud today, or you'll only become worse!"

    "Well said," Xinghe agreed with a nod, "Frauds should definitely be exposed."

    "You also know your mistakes? Then you should hand over the fake certificate obediently or I'll really call the police!"

    "There's no need to."

    Wu Rong frowned as she asked, "There's no need to what?"

    Sound of patrol car's siren drifted from outside. Xinghe said, "There's no need to call the police because I've called them for you."

    Wu Rong's face blanched immediately, her expression was as awkward as it could possibly be.

    She didn't expect Xinghe to really call the police!

    The little hussy, when did she call the cops?

    Wu Rong glared at Xinghe with such malice that it appeared she would be willing to gobble her up whole.

    Xinghe, on the other hand, was as cool as cucumber, as if saying that everything was under her control.

    "Wu Rong, we'll let the police decide which of our certificates is the real one," She glanced at Wu Rong and uttered her words one by one. Wu Rong's face became paler with each phrase.

    The certificate she had was the fake one so of course she couldn't let the police come in to do the identification.

    "Madam, the police are here" Mrs. Chan's alarmed voice came from downstairs.

    Wu Rong immediately tore up the document she had in her hands. Xinghe ordered, "Stop her."

    The two security guards acted on instinct and leaped to grab at the certificate booklet but they were too late because Wu Rong had already shoved the torn page with the incriminating details down her throat!

    The two men were at a loss and even Xinghe had to be impressed by her doggedness.

    Wu Rong swallowed the page with a heavy gulp and her face grimaced from the effort.

    "I will never let you have any evidence against me!" Wu Rong looked at Xinghe smugly.

    Xinghe smiled scornfully. "I don't need this evidence to deal with you; it's too little. You've committed much greater sins, so don't you worry, your time will come."

    Xinghe still had many tricks up her sleeves but it was not the time to reveal them.

    Her aim that day was to chase Wu Rong out of the villa, not to crush her, that would have to come later

    Wu Rong though didn't heed Xinghe's warning one bit.

    She snickered viciously. She might have lost to Xinghe this time but next time, she would make the little hussy pay double the price!

    "Who is Xia Xinghe?" Two policemen came into the study and announced to the room.

    Xinghe nodded, saying, "That's me."

    "Why did you call the police, Miss?"

    "Someone has been illegally squatting at my house for many years but she refuses to leave when I asked politely so I had no choice but to call for the police's help. I'm sorry for causing such trouble."

    Xinghe stared directly at Wu Rong when she went through her explanation. Her look was like she was looking at an annoying yet stubborn fly.

    Wu Rong knew, she couldn't stay on any longer.

    Even though the police might not have the grounds to throw her out but the security guards now did. She could ruin Xinghe's name by broadcasting her 'unfilial' actions to the public, but her own name would be dragged through the mud as well. She knew she didn't exactly come off as a paragon of moral behavior in the whole encounter.

    After so many years of hard work, she had finally broken into the upper echelon of the society so she had to carefully guard her reputation.

    Furthermore, her daughter just got married. Her in-laws were respectable people as well, she definitely couldn't do something that would make her lose face.