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    Chapter 399 Watch And Learn

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    Chapter 399: Watch and Learn

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    This damnable b*tch, I must teach her a lesson!

    Sun Yu couldn't wait to tear Xinghe a new one, to humiliate her completely! Saohuang was thinking the same thing. He stared sharply at Xinghe and lightly smiled. "Miss Xia has such confidence, hopefully, you won't trip up on it later."

    Xinghe's eyes that met his dropped in temperature. "How quaint, I was about to tell you the same thing."

    Saohuang felt her enmity at full force, he thought it was because of the Xi family. He chuckled chillingly. "We shall see who is right then."

    "If that's the case, open your eyes and watch closely!" Xinghe commanded, her presence suffocating the room. Many were shocked by this sudden display of aggression because they had always thought of Xinghe as a mellow, apathetic person. They had never seen her being so aggressive before. Saohuang, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes.

    Xinghe turned to Sun Yu and said arrogantly, "What kind of competition? It's your choice."

    Sun Yu exchanged a quick gaze with Saohuang and a tacit communication was done. Saohuang wanted him to completely beat Xinghe!

    With the received order, Sun Yu said coldly, "Fine, I will decide the competition type if you're so gracious to let me do so. How about a hacking skills competition first?"

    In the world of computer science, the most demanding work was hacking. Since Xinghe arrived in the role of a computer expert, she must know something about hacking as well. That was perfect, because Sun Yu was confident in his hacking ability.

    Xinghe replied without blinking an eye, "Why not?"

    "We'll see who can hack through the military's defense system first," Sun Yu said with an evil smile, he couldn't wait to see Xinghe lose. The military defense system was different from those outside. It was the most secure, the best of all available security software. It was unbreakable without the highest level of skill. However, Sun Yu had perfect confidence because, before this competition, Sun Yu had already practiced multiple times. He was familiar with how to do it. How could Xinghe be his competition when he had such an unfair advantage

    He was ready to face-slap Xinghe! To face-slap Munan's entire platoon!

    As he expected, the moment he suggested this, Munan's brows furrowed in dissatisfaction. Yan Lu scolded angrily, "F*ck, this is cheating!"

    Sun Yu smirked triumphantly. "Why, you people are that afraid of losing?"

    "That's the best you can come up with?" Xinghe sighed condescendingly. "Let's get this over with then."

    Sun Yu's eyes glossed over with frost. "You will regret ever saying that!"

    Xinghe glanced at him and there was only disinterest in her eyes. Sun Yu's constant barking reminded her of a stray dog. She felt annoyed

    For the purpose of the competition, they moved to a special computer lab.

    The lab was crowded with many people and it was clearly split into two camps, one for Munan, another for Saohuang. They were hoping for the other party to lose, because it concerned their platoon's face and morale. These two were important, very important!

    "Begin!" Gu Li, acting as the referee, announced.

    Sun Yu immediately started typing on the keyboard, so did Xinghe.