Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Trust In Mubai

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Chapter 389: Trust in Mubai

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He looked at everyone before adding, "Since I've asked for Miss Xia's help, it means that I believe in her capability. She must have her reasons behind such an arrangement. The only thing demanded from all of you is cooperation!"

"But we're just worried about the troop's training speed" someone retorted.

Munan laughed mirthlessly. "I don't think anyone is more worried about that than me." Since he didn't say anything, why should they care so much on his behalf?

"The Major is right, we have to believe in Miss Xia's ability. Follow her orders and do the best you can." Gu Li also came to Xinghe's rescue.

Yan Lu also chimed in with his loud voice, "That's right, we have to believe in Miss Xia, believe in Major's eye for talent!"

Since the three of them said so, what else could the rest of them say?

"Fine, if that's the case, we will follow the orders. Major, we shall take our leave first, goodbye."

"Okay, thank you very much for everyone's hard work. I know it has been a hard few weeks." Munan didn't forget to console them. Finally, it was only Xinghe and the few of them left in the room.

Munan asked Xinghe, "Big Sister Xia, are you doing fine? I know the team hasn't been particularly welcoming."

Xinghe shook her head. "I'm fine."

She was not that fragile, plus the one thing she couldn't care less about was how others think about her.

Xinghe asked after some thought, "You guys really believe in me so much?"

Munan smiled. "Of course."

"But why?" Xinghe didn't get it. Even from her own perspective, her actions that day should warrant some questions.

Munan contemplated for a moment or two and gave an answer that surprised Xinghe, "Because my big brother believes in you."

Xinghe was shocked

Munan smiled, "Since he trusts in you so deeply, I have to do the same."

Turned out it was all because of Mubai's trust. Xinghe's eyes quivered and she added, "I will not disappoint both of your trust."

"I know. Big Sister Xia, the time is late, why don't you retire to the hostel for now?" Munan advised her.

"I still have some work to do. You guys go first, I'll be leaving in a bit."


"This will only take a while longer." Xinghe confirmed.

Munan conceded. "There will be people posted outside, call them if you need anything."

"Okay." Munan then led Gu Li and Yan Lu away.

Finally, only Xinghe was left in the room. She scanned the spacious and empty lab before sitting down in front one of the computers and started working

The technicians didn't give her their copies before they left so she had to manually copy them one by one

The sun rose soon after. The morning horn call shattered the peaceful dawn. The disciplined soldiers pulled themselves up from their beds, ready for a new day of training.

Xinghe stood by the window, watching the marching troops go by in their smart outfits. She had been there a few days and had felt the liveliness within the military camp. She could feel the pulse of life there. Furthermore, she could see the indomitable spirit in each and every one of the soldiers.

She realized she enjoyed her experience working there, it was an eye-opening experience.

Soon after, the tech team's members also shuffled into the lab.

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