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    Chapter 387 I Will Make Them Submit

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    Chapter 387: I Will Make Them Submit

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    "So, is she really related to Major Xi? What kind of relationship do they have?"

    The room's interest was piqued.

    Shu Mei chuckled and threw the room a question, "Everyone knows the relationship between Major Xi and Xi Empire, right?"

    "Of course, they are from the same family. The CEO, Xi Mubai, is Major Xi's cousin."

    "This Xia Xinghe used to be Xi Mubai's wife, but they're divorced now."

    When Shu Mei said the last phrase of her sentence, her mouth curved involuntarily up in disdain.

    A b*tch like this Xia Xinghe deserves to be divorced.

    The people who heard the news were shocked. "So, she had such a relationship to the Xi family. I know Major Xi himself has a young cousin, so that must be her son."

    "It must be, no wonder Major Xi looks out for her so much."

    "I knew she got in here through connections. She has no right to lead us," someone said with condescension.

    "Well, she does have a strong background. The Xi family is like a gold mine, get in their good graces and you'll be rich."

    "I must say the Xi family is quite generous to allow her to continue feeding off them considering she is a divorcee."

    "You're right," Shu Mei said pointedly. "Alas, this is the military we're talking about, not someplace where you can survive with only connections. Just wait and see, her comeuppance will arrive soon enough."

    Everyone nodded in agreement, because they wouldn't be able to finish the orders Xinghe gave them. If they had no results to show at the end of the day, then the fault would lie completely with Xinghe.

    Of course, most of them wouldn't do that on purpose, but the fact of the matter was, it couldn't be done.

    In fact, it was in their advantage to give it their all because when it came tumbling down, Xinghe would have nothing but her own irresponsible orders to blame.

    Gu Li nodded satisfactorily at everyone's improved performance.

    He walked into the main control room and asked Xinghe, "Do you really think they can finish their tasks on time?"

    To be honest, he was skeptical as well. After all, he was the leader for this group of people, he knew where their limit was. Xinghe's orders were a bit demanding.

    Xinghe who stood in front of the giant super computer shook her head and said, "I have no clue."

    Gu Li was slightly shocked. "You have no clue either?"

    "I'm just pushing them."

    Gu Li didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Then, is it possible that the order is a bit too rash?"

    "This is the only way to win against our opponent. There will be no improvement if we don't force the people to work harder."

    "I know," Gu Li nodded. "But, I'm afraid they will snap or fight back from too much pressure."

    "They won't," Xinghe answered confidently, "I have a plan to win them all over."

    A shine entered Gu Li's eyes. "Miss Xia, what's the plan?"

    Xinghe smiled and said, "You'll see."

    Her answer only heightened his interest, but no matter how hard Gu Li thought about it, he couldn't figure out a surefire plan that would win over the whole group of people at once.

    He even wondered if his team could even fulfill her tall order.

    After two consecutive days of non-stop slavery, Xinghe's deadline finally arrived!

    When the clock struck twelve, someone immediately complained out of sheer frustration.

    "Ah, I can't stand this anymore! This is crazy, we can't possibly finish all this!"

    "That's right, my eyes are popping out of their sockets and I'm nowhere near the end."

    "Did anyone of you finished your task?"

    The task group that did was pitiably small, and about 80 percent had incomplete work.