Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Sister In Law

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Chapter 361: Sister-in-Law

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Xinghe was flustered because she didn't know how to deal with such a torrent of emotions. She replied awkwardly, "You're welcome."

Xiao Mo saw how uncomfortable she was and quickly changed the topic. "Miss Xia, to welcome you home, we've prepared a scrumptious meal. You must be hungry by now, come let's have dinner."

"He's right, dinner is served." Chengwu called them over happily.

"Sis, let's go!" Xia Zhi pulled her along to the dining table happily. Xinghe saw the table full of food and her heart was warmed.

"Sis, these are all your favorite dishes. You've lost a lot of weight during your period of sickness so you must eat a lot today to balance things out," Xia Zhi reminded her.

Chengwu also poured her a bowl of chicken soup. "Xinghe, this here is for you. Be careful, it's hot."

"Miss Xia, these are all your uncle's labor of love so you must finish them all to not disappoint him." Xiao Mo added. Xiao Lin didn't say anything but still looked at her with a pair of appreciative eyes.

Xinghe felt overwhelmed by their concern and kindness. Xinghe had been completely independent ever since she was young; she could take on the world on her own. Therefore, she was foreign to the concept of human warmth. However, she'd also yearned for it at the same time

Looking at the room of people that showered her with love, Xinghe suddenly realized she actually had a happy life, and in return, she was willing to do anything to protect this group of people that cared deeply about her.

Xinghe, always a non-sentimental person, said with a smile, "Let's dig in. Please don't be shy."

"It's dinnertime!" Xia Zhi announced joyously. As they picked up their chopsticks, the doorbell rang.

Xia Zhi was curious. "Who could it be?"

"Go take a look," Chengwu ordered. Xia Zhi moved to open the door and was surprised to find that the unexpected guest was Xi Mubai! Trailing behind him was Munan.

The two handsome and tall men walked into the room and instantly captured everyone's attention. Almost everyone did a double take.

Chengwu and Xiao Mo knew Mubai but they had no idea who Munan was. However, from the similarities in their features and the same presence that they both shared, they could guess that Munan was from Xi Family as well.

The moment Mubai walked in, his gaze zeroed in on Xinghe. They just parted this morning but it felt like it had been forever since he last saw her. He could feel his heartbeat quickening as she came into his view.

"Uncle Xia, nice to meet you, and hello to the rest of you as well," Mubai greeted as he walked over.

Chengwu also greeted him politely because it was his kind nature to do so. "Nice, nice to meet you too"

"Uncle Xia, nice to meet you," Munan added with an unsophisticated grin.

"Nice to meet you, but you are" Chengwu was confused and Munan quickly introduced himself.

"I am Mubai's cousin, Xi Munan. You can call me Munan."

"Oh okay, nice to meet you." Chengwu nodded honestly.

"Why are the two of you here?" Xinghe asked curiously.

Mubai sat down beside her naturally and replied with a smile, "Munan said he wanted to thank you personally. Sorry for interrupting your dinner though."

"Actually, sister-in-law, this is just right because my brother and I haven't had dinner yet." Munan took the other seat beside her and the title sister-in-law just came out naturally from his mouth.

Xinghe frowned slightly and corrected him, "Just call me by my name."

"How can I do that, I'm afraid someone will kill me from disrespecting you. Am I right, big brother?" Munan turned to Mubai with a mischievous grin.

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