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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 341

    Chapter 341 Something On His Mind

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    Chapter 341: Something On His Mind

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    All these reasons meant that Mubai couldn't just stay clear of this trouble. If anything, it meant that he had to give it his best or else it would be over for the Xi family.

    Xinghe finally woke up when the night fell. The first thing she saw was Mubai sitting on the sofa against the wall, reading some documents with extreme focus. The only light in the room came from a wall sconce above him. The light was mellow and not harsh to the eyes. He flipped through the papers gingerly, careful not to wake her. Xinghe couldn't help but be drawn in by his sculpted features.

    "You're awake?" Mubai raised his eyes feeling her gaze on him. Instantly, a brilliant smile appeared on his face.

    Xinghe's heart skipped a beat. She had to admit, Mubai's look was exquisite.

    Pulling herself up, Xinghe asked softly, "What time is it?"

    "Nine o'clock in the evening." Mubai put down his documents and called the maid to send up some food. Xinghe was surprised that she had slept half the day away.

    "How are you feeling?" Mubai asked as he walked towards her. He sat down beside her and his hand naturally went to feel her forehead.

    "Feeling much better, thanks," Xinghe answered truthfully. She did feel better after a good sleep.

    Her temperature felt normal to Mubai and some color had returned to her face so he said happily, "Come, I'll help you up. I've had the cooks prepare a lot of good food; they're all light in flavor, perfect for a recovering patient like you."

    Xinghe pulled away the cover and got out of bed. After she cleaned herself up in the bathroom, the food was already placed on the table. Mubai waved her over to sit beside him. Xinghe looked at the table of scrumptious meal and her stomach started growling.

    She was out for almost a month so her body was already yearning for real food. Mubai smiled hearing the growling from her stomach. He put some vegetables in her bowl and urged, "Enjoy your meal while it's hot."

    Xinghe blushed slightly. After two mouthfuls, she asked suddenly, "Where's Lin Lin?"

    She missed her son even though she'd just woken up. Mubai answered instantly, "He should be asleep now. I'll have him come over to visit you tomorrow."

    "I'm leaving tomorrow," Xinghe said bluntly. She didn't want to stay forever under someone else's roof; she had a house of her own.

    Mubai's chopsticks that was getting her more vegetables stopped in mid-air. After a beat, he nodded. "That's fine. Do you want Lin Lin to go with you? I'm sure you will appreciate his company."

    Xinghe was surprised he would be kind enough to voluntarily offer that. However, she shook her head, "That's fine. He will receive better care here, I'm afraid I won't have time to look after him over the coming few days or months."

    "You have a point." Mubai nodded. They would indeed be quite busy for a period of time.

    Xinghe could see there was something on his mind. She couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong? Something worse happened to Munan?"

    Mubai was taken aback. He thought he had covered his bases but she could read him like an open book. He didn't think Xinghe was a woman that needed protecting so he spared her no details.

    "Unfortunately, you're right. Our investigation has stagnated, there is no evidence that support his innocence." Mubai sighed.

    "How did the munitions get stolen?" Xinghe asked.

    Without hiding any details, Mubai answered honestly, "After they caught the actual criminal, they hauled both the munitions and people back to base. However, they were unlucky enough to get caught in a landslide so they had no choice but to rest at the side of the road."