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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 333

    Chapter 333 Well Become History

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    Chapter 333: We'll Become History!

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    He did this because Xinghe might wake up at any moment. He wanted to be the first to greet her when she did.

    Today, he was in Xinghe's room again doing his work. After some time, he received a call from his grandfather, saying he had an emergency to discuss with him.

    Mubai had no choice but to leave.

    "Grandfather, why did you call for me?" Mubai asked as he walked into Grandfather Xi's study.

    His grandfather had a glum expression. Mubai could sense the severity of the situation. His grandfather acknowledged him with a look before saying, "Your second uncle just called. Munan is in trouble."

    Mubai was dismayed. "What happened?"

    "Munan has recently been investigating a group that is profiteering from illegal munitions sales. Last night he caught the break he needed and managed to confiscate the illegal munitions. However, they found that half of the munitions had gone missing this morning; since the munitions were Munan's responsibility, he has been taken away for investigation."

    Mubai narrowed his eyes instantly. "This was obviously a set-up."

    The Xi family had more than enough assets to not lower themselves to be involved in illegal dealings like the reselling of military munitions.

    Grandfather Xi and announced solemnly, "It was a set-up. However if we cannot find the evidence to clear Munan's name, he will be sent to military court. This had to happen at this juncture where he was about to be named the commander of the Flying Dragon Unit."

    Flying Dragon Unit was Hwa Xia's newly formed unit. Different from most military units, it employed the advantages of a lot of advanced technology. Its unit members not only had to be familiar with high-tech combat strategies but also proficient in naval, ground, and air combat.

    In other words, it was a highly-trained unit that was competent in all manner of warfare. Hwa Xia had decided to invest in developing this type of unit. Since City T had such military presence, it was selected as first test site.

    Thanks to Grandfather Xi's background in politics, the position of leader of this newfound unit naturally fell into the Xi family. After Munan became the commander of this unit, his future would be set. That would, in turn, consolidate the Xi family's standing.

    Munan's incident was simply too convenient if it was not a set-up. Someone didn't want him to take the commanding right of Flying Dragon unit.

    "Could this be the handiwork of someone from the Feng family?" Mubai suggested.

    This was because the next in line to take the commander's post after Munan was disqualified would be them.

    Grandfather narrowed his eyes sharply. "If that's true then it means they have hidden relations with this group that is profiteering through illegal munitions sales!"

    "There must be suspicious activities behind the Feng family's rapid expansion during this last decade, so it wouldn't surprise me if that's true," Mubai concluded.

    The air in the room seemed to have frozen as his grandfather said, "Their evil claws are coming for our Xi family because I'm too old to shield this family anymore. Mubai, listen to me, if we fail to overcome this hurdle, our Xi family will become history!"

    Mubai's brows furrowed deeply. If his grandfather had said so then it was true that the Xi family faced imminent danger.

    While Mubai was convening with Grandfather Xi, Xinghe finally woke up!

    She opened her eyes slowly and realized she was inside a small and comfortable room.

    Her attending nurse noticed that and quickly rushed to her side. "Miss Xia, you're finally awake. How are you feeling?"

    Xinghe stared at the nurse before pushing herself up. She then lowered her head to study her own two hands.