Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 326

Chapter 326 She Wont Be Alive For Long

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Chapter 326: She Won't be Alive for Long

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Lu Qi treated Xinghe to the best of his ability. His face was drawn after he gave Xinghe a cursory exam.

"How is she?" Mubai asked solemnly.

"It's not looking too good; she was injected with a corrosive drug," Lu Qi answered truthfully, "I've never seen such a vicious drug before, it has completely destroyed Xia Meng's body."

Mubai sharpened his gaze. "Corrosive drug?"

Lu Qi nodded. "The drug will gradually shut down the body's vital organs. Whenever the toxin activates itself, the person will experience unimaginable pain. If the person isn't given the antidote soon, he or she will experience a painful and elongated death. According to Miss Xia's condition, some time has passed since she was given the drug. I'm sorry to say but she must have suffered."

The air around Mubai froze, his gaze became as chilling as death itself! The thought of Xinghe being tortured made him simmer in a fury that could only be quenched by chopping the perpetrator into million pieces! Even though the body was Xia Meng's, the one who suffered was Xinghe!

Most of all, he felt angry at himself because he had failed his job as her guardian.

Mubai narrowed his eyes dangerously and ordered, "Get her cured immediately, we cannot allow her to suffer like this anymore!"

"Don't worry, I will but I feel sorry for Miss Xia Meng because we would have to abandon this body"

Mubai pulled on his collar roughly and said threateningly, "You should feel sorry for the woman lying in front of you. You brought her into this mess so I will hold you accountable for everything that happens to her. Finish your research on the memory cells as soon as possible and return Xinghe's memory to her, this circus has gone on long enough!"

Lu Qi nodded calmly. "I will move as fast as I can. We're very close to the end, I promise you."

"For your own sake, I hope you're right." Mubai shoved him away but the intensity of his anger didn't drop.

Lu Qi looked at him quietly, relieved that the one lying there wasn't the real Xia Xinghe or he believed he would be dead

"So many of you couldn't look after a half-dead woman?" a physically impressive man observed lazily, but his tone was full of pressure and authority.

The guards arranged before him all hung their heads in shame, they didn't even dare to breath.

"Young Master, this is our fault! We didn't expect her sudden discovery and her forethought to assault the nurse and disguise as her. We had her cornered but she jumped down the building from a second floor window, it was simply too unexpected"

It wasn't only them; the man was also blindsided by that woman's cunning plan. Her 'attempted suicide' was most likely part of her plan as well. It was faked to create a chance for her to escape.

Her bold and incisive way of thinking impressed him. She surprised him at every turn and now she even managed to swindle him!

The man chuckled silently. "I agree she is an unpredictable woman. Alas, without my antidote, she is not long for this world."

"Young Master, should we go capture her back? We know she is now with Xi Mubai."

The man denied that outright, "That won't be necessary. I believe she has no information on the thing. Furthermore, doing that would only reveal our activities. She has no idea who I am so let her be, she's going to die anyway."

The guards nodded in unison.

The man might have said so, but something didn't sit quite right in his heart.