Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 324

Chapter 324 Finally Found Her

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Chapter 324: Finally Found Her

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About ten guards scoured the hospital building, leaving no stone unturned.

Eventually, they found something curious in the second floor's female washroom. A rope that was made out of strips of towels was tied to the window railing. Using it, one could drop down to the floor below.

The guards stood at the window and when they raised their eyes towards the rising sun, they could even see a limping figure running out of the hospital grounds.

Damn it, she got away!

"Attention, the target has left the building. She is heading towards the hospital gate, regroup and pursue!" ordered one of the guards through his walkie-talkie.

The group of guards quickly reformed and ran to catch up to Xinghe.

Xinghe didn't dare to slow down. She ran the best she could even though every sharp intake of breath was a knife that pierced at her lungs. Finally, she broke through the hospital gate and found herself by the side of the road. She could hear the group of guards closing in on her.

It was early in the morning so there was little to no cars on the road.

Xinghe turned back to look at the pursuing guards and she leaped out into the road to block a car that was driving past.

The driver honked loudly, spooked by her sudden appearance. He slammed on the brakes and his car jumped from the sudden breaking. The driver felt his heart stop because he thought he had killed the woman. Thankfully, his car stopped in time and the impact wasn't that strong. The woman climbed up in front of his disbelieving eyes and she proceeded to pull open his passenger door.

She jumped in quickly and yelled, "Drive and I will pay you one hundred million!"

The driver was shocked at the sudden development.

"Quick, or we'll both die!" she screamed at the stunned driver. The driver saw the scary-looking guards coming their way and, even though he had no idea what was happening, he subconsciously stepped on the gas pedal and sped away before the guards had a chance to lay their hands on them!

"Stop" The group of guards gave chase after them and the scared driver stepped on the gas even harder.

Xinghe stared at the rear-view mirror. After she made sure they had lost the guards, she told the driver, "Bring me to the police station, someone will give you the money later!"

"Miss, what exactly is happening?" the driver asked anxiously as he tried to calm his beating heart.

However, no reply came. He turned to look at her direction and was shocked to realized the woman had already fainted.

Not only that, there was blood trickling down her face and her face was frighteningly pale

The driver thought she had died. He quickly stopped the car by the side of the road and tested her breath with his shaking hands.

He sighed in relief when he felt her weak breathing. "Miss, what's happening? Are you okay?" He asked nervously, afraid that she would die in his car thus causing him a lot of trouble.

Xinghe lifted her eyelids weakly and opened her lips to breathe out, "The police station, now"

After she said that, she collapsed again. The driver couldn't resuscitate her after that.

He thought about taking her back to the hospital but he saw those people chasing after her and he was sure they meant her harm.

He thought about it and finally decided to heed her order and took her to the police station.

He zipped through the city because he was deadly afraid she was going to die in his car!

The moment Xinghe arrived at the police station, Mubai received the news!

To find her, Mubai had sent out feelers all over City T, the police station being one of his focuses.