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    Chapter 314 Looming Danger

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    Chapter 314: Looming Danger

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    However, he realized the opponent didn't really want him dead because he could have ended this a lot sooner. Ye Shen knew they still needed the information from him. He still had a chance to live.

    The man in front of him asked again, "This is the last time I'm asking, where is the thing?"

    It was rather hard to believe, but it was only then that Ye Shen realized the man was referring to the energy crystal!

    Who are these people? How do they know I have an energy crystal?

    These questions popped up in his mind. However, he was crummy to the end, he wouldn't give up the location of his last leverage that easily.

    "I, I gave it to my wife It's with her, you can go get it from her" Ye Shen squeezed out the words from his mouth with the utmost difficulty.

    After hearing this, the leading man gave the person who was strangling Ye Shen a signal with his eyes.

    The person's gaze turned chilly and tightened his grip.

    Ye Shen started to struggle like crazy but he was ultimately too weak. In just a few seconds, his struggling started to slow, like a wind-up toy losing its power

    Ye Shen died with his eyes wide open with disbelief. His last thought was, Help, I've told you what you wanted, why didn't you let me live? Who are you people that you can waltz into a prison and assassinate someone

    The person finally released his grip after Ye Shen passed away. They later manipulated the scene in such a way that Ye Shen looked like he'd hanged himself

    To save the law enforcement's image, Ye Shen's death wasn't released to the public. Even Xinghe and Mubai didn't know about this.

    Xinghe had no clue a great danger was coming her way

    Xinghe started researching about what Ye Shen told her after she returned to the villa.

    She tried contacting Ee Chen through the internet but it was to no avail.

    After Xinghe chased him away, Ee Chen had gone AWOL. If she had known the man could be so elusive, she would have kept better tabs on him. Xinghe swiveled in her leather chair and ruminated on what Ye Shen had told her

    In truth, she believed parts of what he said, but unfortunately, the answers he revealed only led to more questions. However, she would keep on researching because she wanted to locate her mom. A part of her was also afraid that the Doomsday Prophecy was true, because if it was, she needed to do something for her son.

    In fifteen years' time, Lin Lin would only be twenty, his life would only just be beginning. It sounded preposterous in her mind but if there was really a spaceship out there, she was going to locate it and get Lin Lin on it.

    Of course, she would take along her whole family as well.

    Xinghe's thoughts started to unravel as she sat there in the chair. She eventually fell asleep.

    An unknown amount of time had passed when she woke up due to an earthquake hitting the house!

    She leaped up to evacuate but the moment she stood up, she crumpled weakly to the floor. The tremors made her feel incredibly dizzy and she felt suffocated.

    Xinghe pinched herself hard, trying to force herself to stay awake. However, she eventually fell unconscious

    She was not the only one affected; everyone in the villa was knocked unconscious by the blast.

    They couldn't have expected the villa to be assaulted by military-grade shock bombs.

    When Mubai arrived at the scene after receiving the news, hours had already passed.