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    Chapter 311 A Doomsday Prophesy

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    Chapter 311: A Doomsday Prophesy

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    Xinghe curled her lips into a smile. "A reward like getting Xi Empire to rescind its lawsuit against you."

    "For real?" Ye Shen was startled.

    "That depends on your cooperation and whether I'm satisfied with your answer or not."

    "I will cooperate one hundred percent! I will answer every single question you ask!" For the sake of freedom, Ye Shen could promise even his life. He didn't want to spend his whole life in jail, being shared like a piece of meat. No secret was more important than that.

    Ye Shen's emotions were a complicated mess.

    This woman before him, who he once treated as something less than a pet dog, was riding over his head. She even managed to wrap Xi Mubai around her finger

    Just how did she do it? If he had known she would one day rise to this height, he wouldn't have treated her so badly before.

    Xinghe didn't have time to take care of his emotions. She asked directly, "Tell me, you're familiar with Project Galaxy, aren't you?"

    Ye Shen stared blankly at her in utter shock.

    "You know about that too" The words slipped out of his mouth before he could stop them.

    He thought she didn't know anything, because Xia Meng had always acted dumb in front of him.

    "Tell me everything you know," Xinghe demanded in a voice that brooked no argument.

    Ye Shen's eyes shifted around, and then he scanned his surroundings anxiously.

    "There is no surveillance in here. Other than myself, there will be no second person who will hear what you say."

    Xinghe had predicted the worry that was on his mind.

    Ye Shen turned back to look at her, attempting to gauge her response. "Turns out you knew about the project all along, so you must know what my purpose is, right?"

    "I know some but I don't mind getting more information from you." Xinghe's answer was ambiguous. At the same time, she warned him, "Don't try to keep anything from me. If I realize you're playing any tricks, be prepared to stay locked up here forever."

    The bad thoughts were instantly extinguished in Ye Shen's mind.

    He slumped down into the chair like he no longer had any energy left. "Fine, I will tell you everything but I have to warn you that I don't know much either and you will not believe me even if I tell you the things I know."

    Xinghe's eyes shone slightly. "Try me."

    "Do you believe in the power of prophesies?" Ye Shen stared at her while he asked.

    Xinghe was taken aback. "Prophesies?"

    For some reasons, hearing that word sent slight tremors through her heart. It reminded her too much of her foreshadowing dreams

    Ye Shen nodded excitedly. "That's right, a doomsday prophesy to be precise! The prophesy states that the world will end in fifteen years' time!"

    Ye Shen purposely added as much drama as he could but he failed to elicit any response from Xinghe. She didn't even call him a crazy.

    "Who told you this prophesy?" she asked calmly.

    This surprised Ye Shen. "You aren't curious about its validity?"

    "I will decide that on my own. Your job now is only to answer my questions."

    Ye Shen stared intensely at Xinghe and suddenly sighed with feelings, "Xia Meng, you truly have changed. I find myself unable to read your thoughts."

    This was a given since it was now Xinghe occupying Xia Meng's mind.

    "Your father told you about the prophesy?" Xinghe asked softly.

    Ye Shen nodded. "That's right, Pops told me the prophesy. Actually, I'm surprised you didn't know that, then again, your father probably didn't tell you because he didn't want you to live your whole life in fear."

    "What is the usage of the black casket?" Xinghe ignored him and pressed on. Her every question was incisive and to the point.

    Ye Shen had already revealed a big secret so he was starting to have second thoughts. "Are you sure you can get me out of here after I tell you everything?"

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