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    Chapter 304 Sign Here

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    Chapter 304: Sign Here

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    After some hesitation, he revealed, "It is a type of rare metal."

    "Metal?" Xinghe said with mild surprise.

    She studied the black casket in her hands and realized it did look metallic; it definitely wasn't a common metal.

    This was because the thing was incredibly light, so much so that Xinghe thought the thing was hollow, an observation that was proven wrong after analysis.

    She didn't ponder the possibility of it being a rare metal.

    "What kind of metal?" Xinghe followed up.

    "You wouldn't know even if I tell you, and as to why I want it, that doesn't concern you either. That's all I can say, I don't know any more than that."

    "How did you know I had this in my possession?" Xinghe pressed.

    Ye Shen smirked. "That is none of your business either. The only thing you need to know is it is useless to you but incredibly useful to me."

    "Didn't you just say it is of little value to you?" Xinghe chuckled. "Ye Shen, if you don't give me more than that, then perhaps our deal will be over."

    Ye Shen thought about it and started to laugh like he didn't care for her threat at all.

    "Xia Meng, even if you don't give it to me, I will find other ways to get it eventually. But don't think you can trap me with your words and get me to reveal more. That is impossible! So you can save the trouble of trying to do so."

    Then, he stood up to straighten his suit. "Looks like you want to stay married to me, I can see why, I am a great catch after all. But I'm telling you, after I walk out this door, I will go to the precinct and make a police report and media statement to reveal to the world how you have cheated on me with Xi Mubai. Let's see whether the Xi family will still cover your back after that."

    After a series of cackles, the emboldened Ye Shen turned to leave.

    "Ye Shen, aren't you afraid the Xi family will come after you?" Xinghe said slowly.

    Ye Shen turned to laugh at her. "In fact, I'm afraid they wouldn't because I still need something I can use against the two of you! Xia Meng, I have nothing now, do you know what that means?"

    Xinghe stared at him mildly, without saying a word.

    Ye Shen revealed in a dramatic drawl, "It means I have nothing to lose but everything to gain."


    "If the two of you want to come for me, then I welcome it, let's see who has more to lose!"

    "You truly are one hell of a scoundrel," Xinghe observed softly.

    Living up to his scoundrel name, Ye Shen replied, "I'm glad you finally realized that. So you want to me give the thing or not?"

    "Naturally I will, because I cannot stand you anymore!"

    Ye Shen thought this meant Xinghe couldn't stand being his wife anymore, while Xinghe truly meant she couldn't stand breathing the same air as him anymore.

    Ye Shen smiled triumphantly. "See, how hard was that? You should have done that earlier and saved the both of us some time and trouble."

    "Give me your account number, I'll do the transfer now," Xinghe ordered directly. She was tired of this conversation already.

    Ye Shen's heart jumped excitedly and revealed his bank information to her.

    Xinghe picked up the laptop on the table, pressed a few buttons and said, "Done."

    Ye Shen pulled out his phone to check his account and it was true, his bank showed a recent pay-in of three hundred million RMB!

    Ye Shen was ecstatic. He couldn't help but starting to laugh. "Xia Meng, I knew there was a benefit to marrying you so many years ago!"

    Xinghe suddenly tossed him the black casket. "Sign the papers--"

    "Don't worry, I will sign them now!" Ye Shen happily signed his name on the divorce papers with both the money and the casket in his hands.

    This was perhaps the single greatest trade he had ever made in his life.

    Little did he know, he was signing his death warrant