Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 299

Chapter 299 The Ye Family Doesnt Deserve Her

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Chapter 299: The Ye Family Doesn't Deserve Her

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Xinghe couldn't help but feel sorry for Xia Meng. She felt compelled to help Xia Meng get away from this kind of person or she would be in hell after their memories were switched back.

To that effect, Xinghe was going to crush Ye Shen while she was still Xia Meng.

Xinghe stalled Ye Shen for about a week until Ye Shen's company couldn't hold on anymore.

To show his 'sincerity', Ye Shen had been bugging Xia Meng day after day, ignoring his business responsibility, but Xinghe showed no signs of softening her stance.

With candles burning on both ends, Ye Shen was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. His face became haggard and dark circles appeared under his eyes.

Mrs. Ye couldn't stand seeing her son like that anymore, so she took Ye Qin along to personally accost Xinghe.

She assumed, with her position as the mother-in-law, Xia Meng would bow down to her seniority and authority.

To demonstrate her standing over Xinghe, she exerted her influence the moment she got out of the car. Mrs. Ye ordered the guards like she owned the place, "Go get Xia Meng out here to welcome me! If she refuses then I'm going to stay here all day and let everyone see the way she treats her mother-in-law!"

After the guard went in to report, Xinghe actually came out to meet them.

Mrs. Ye smirked triumphantly when she saw Xinghe. "Xia Meng, you are a disgrace our Ye family! As long as you're still part of the Ye family, you have to carry the name with grace and pride, so how can you act like this and bring shame to our family name? Follow me home this instant, do you hear me?"

"A disgrace?"

Ye Qin couldn't help but chime in to berate Xinghe, "Indeed, Xia Meng, you are a disgrace because you are a slut! You seduced Xi Mubai and refused to leave his place, have you forgotten that you are still married? For shame!"

"Do you have everything they said recorded?" Xinghe turned to the guard and asked.

The guard nodded. "Don't worry, Miss Xia. It's all recorded."

"Well done, if they continue to slander my name, have the recording sent over to Mubai. Let him deal with it."


Mrs. Ye and Ye Qin's faces fell. This b*tch dares to threaten us by bringing up Xi Mubai?

Ye Qin's fury burst out into the open. "Xia Meng, don't think that, simply because Xi Mubai favors you, you can do anything you like. He will see through your tricks sooner or later; you belong to my brother anyway, so you'd better keep your actions clean!"

"Looks like you and that Xi Mubai really have a secret affair," Mrs. Ye also scolded her severely, "Xia Meng, you're such a shameless woman! My Ye family shouldn't have opened our doors to welcome you in in the first place!"

Xinghe dropped a stack of papers before her. "So get Ye Shen to sign these. You'll be rid of me once and for all."

Xinghe was done demeaning herself being a Ye. Let her go and everyone would be happy.

Staring at the sudden stack of divorce papers, Mrs. Ye and Ye Qin were stunned.

Ye Qin suddenly spat on the papers. "My brother will dump you when he's done with you, you have no right to bring up divorce before then!"

"Ye Corps is heading towards bankruptcy, right?" Xinghe commented out of nowhere.

The mother and daughter pair's faces fell. How did she find out?

"Get Ye Shen to sign these divorce papers, and I might be charitable enough to get him financial aid. This is the last chance I'm offering so remember to take the papers with you." With that Xinghe walked back into the house.