Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 280

Chapter 280 He Said He Wants To Meet Young Mistress

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Chapter 280: He Said He Wants to Meet Young Mistress

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Those were the words Auntie Ding was waiting for. She rolled up her sleeves ready to reward Xinghe with some slaps.

Xinghe used the broom in her hand to whip Auntie Ding heavily on her arm.

Auntie Ding didn't expect the sudden hit. She yelped, and her face contorted in extreme pain.

This time, Xinghe's hit was even more powerful than the last. Auntie Ding felt her arm burning with pain.

"Xia Meng, you should've stood there and received your punishment, how dare you fight back!" Mrs. Ye looked like she was ready to swallow Xinghe down whole.

Xinghe's gaze was ice cold. "Why should I? Ye Qin showed disrespect to her elder, she deserved to be punished! Auntie Ding attempted to assault the mistress of her house, she should consider herself lucky I only hit her once!"

"You" Mrs. Ye and the gang were speechless from sheer anger.

They didn't think Xia Meng had become so aggressive.

She dared say they deserved to be hit

She must be tired of living, how dare she confront us like that!

"You are disrespecting elders too, so you too deserve to be punished!" Mrs. Ye came forth to try to grab the broom from Xinghe. However, Xinghe pushed the end the broom right into her face, scaring Mrs. Ye so much that she was afraid to make another step forward.

"What are you doing?" Mrs. Ye yelled in fury.

Xinghe smiled coldly at her, her body radiating a majestic aura. "Don't think you can use your seniority to bully me; I will fight back."

What? Mrs. Ye widened her eyes in bewilderment. She couldn't believe her ears and eyes. Is this woman standing before us really Xia Meng?

The Xia Meng they knew at most would punch herself in anger, she never dared to externalize her anger. Before the women of the Ye household, she was always the bullied one.

But now, Xia Meng had turned on them.

And there was strength in her eyes that was previously absent. They were stunned by this change within Xia Meng, but no matter what had possessed her, they would not forgive Xia Meng for defying so openly.

"B*tch, I will make you regret this!"

When Ye Qin leaped at her, Xinghe said with finality, "I will not hesitate to go down on this sinking ship with the lot of you!"

Ye Qin was stunned into immobility.

Xinghe had seen through these group of women. They were all paper tigers, all bark and no bite.

She regarded them coolly and added, "After all, I'm not afraid of death, so at worst, we'll all die together. If you're all not afraid of death, then come at me!"

After she said those words, Mrs. Ye and the gang started to look at her with caution.

Ye Qin took an involuntary step back and taunted her verbally, "Xia Meng, you will die on your own! My brother will kill you this time, just you wait and see!"

Even Mrs. Ye stepped back slightly as she ordered angrily, "Security, take her down immediately! Auntie Ding, go get the guards."

As Auntie Ding ran towards the door, a guard walked in with hasty steps. There was anxiousness written on his face.

He immediately reported, "Madam, we have a guest. It is CEO Xi Mubai from Xi Empire. He said he's here to see Young Mistress!"


Ye Qi was the first to recover from the collective shock. She asked excitedly, "Who did you say is here?"

The guard repeated himself, "CEO Xi Mubai from Xi Empire."

"It's really Xi Mubai" Ye Qin could barely contain her excitement because the man of her dreams was exactly Xi Mubai!

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