Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Xia Xinghe Is Finally Awake

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Chapter 277: Xia Xinghe Is Finally Awake

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But what if he doesn't believe me?

Therefore, instead of saying it outright and claiming that she was Xinghe, she decided to first plant a seed of doubt in his mind.

The name of my host is Xia Meng, the Young Mistress of the Ye Family.

Mubai narrowed his eyes at this statement and when he leaned in to type his next question, a maid burst into the study and said excitedly, "Young Master, Miss Xia is awake, she's awake!"

Mubai sprung up from his seat, his heart a bundle of joy.

"Really?" he asked in a hurry.

"Yes, she just woke up."

Mubai was ready to rush towards Xinghe but he hesitated for a moment.

He glanced at his computer and finally decided to shut it down. He then ran to check up on Xinghe.

The doctors and nurses crowded around Xinghe. She had been awake for quite some time when Mubai arrived.


He called her name excitedly when he saw she is really awake. Mubai almost ran to her side, saying, "You're finally awake."

Xinghe who lay on the bed, turned to him and gave him a light smile. "I'm sorry for making you worried."

Mubai's hand that reached out to touch Xinghe stopped in mid-air. No one noticed the curious glow that crossed his eyes.

Back at the Ye Family villa, Xinghe stared dumbly at her computer. Why did Xi Mubai shut down his computer so suddenly? Did he think I'm crazy? This is such a headache, looks like I need to talk to him in person.

Xinghe decided to find Mubai the next day, after all, to see is to believe.

With a plan in place, Xinghe went to bed.

This was her first night's sleep since she entered another person's body and she was restless the whole night.

The next morning, Xinghe went through her morning rituals and was ready to go out.

However, she realized her bedroom door was locked from the outside!

Xinghe knocked heavily on the door and Auntie Ding's condescending voice came from the other side, "Stop knocking, you'll disturb the madam's rest."

"Open this now!" Xinghe ordered, "Open this god damn door now."

Auntie Ding replied gloatingly, "Sorry to inform you, Young Mistress but I'm unable to do that. This is Young Master's orders. Without his permission, no one is allowed to open this door. He'll be here soon enough so just wait for him quietly."

Why else would Ye Shen lock her up against her will? To force her to give him the thing obviously.

The man was truly a unique brand of despicable. He went back on his own words, promising he would give Xinghe about a week of free time.

He wanted the thing instantly.

Xinghe had already rejected him once and if she rejected him again, she knew Ye Shen would not let her off easily.

Physically, she was not his match. Sadly for them, she never relied on her punches to take down her enemies to begin with!

Xinghe smiled wickedly and turned back to the computer in the room. Since Ye Shen started the aggression, she was not going to hold back.

To prevent Xia Meng from having too much external contact, the computer in the room was blocked from using internet access.

However, that was child's play for Xinghe. Give her a computer and she could rule the world!

Her fingers flew over the keyboard and in just minutes, she managed to hack into Ye Corps' internal database.

Without anyone realizing, Ye Corps' corporate secrets were released to the world!

Ten minutes later, Ye Shen received an emergency call from his company.