Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Make Xi Mubai Believe She Is Xia Xinghe

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Chapter 275: Make Xi Mubai Believe She Is Xia Xinghe

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What kind of goal does this man have that he was willing to go to the extent of physical abuse to get the thing from Xia Meng?

Could it be that he knows about Project Galaxy as well? Is he one of them?

Xinghe turned to look at him. "I have a question. Why are you so adamant to get my father's stuff? How does it benefit you?" Xinghe asked directly.

Ye Shen replied with a kind smile, "You don't need to know why I want it, I saw the thing once and know it has its own value. After all, it is of no value to you, so why not give it to me? I promise I will treat you like my pampered princess if you do."

Xinghe felt chilled by that promise. The man was almost definitely lying.

Xinghe nodded, "Can you leave me alone for the night? I need some peace and quiet to make up my mind."

Ye Shen's eyes shone with excitement, he suppressed his obvious glee and said, "Then, I will leave you be. I'll be back tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams and good night."

Ye Shen took his departure after that. He was even considerate enough to close the door behind himself.

Xinghe quickly went up to lock the door!

There was a small trace of fear on her face. I can't stay at this place for long!

Ye Shen is too dangerous. Who knows what he might end up doing to force the thing.

However, escaping wasn't a valid option. She was in a body that was lawfully Ye Shen's wife.

He had all the right to call the police on her should she decide to run and blame it on her poor mental health.

The only solution was to make him give her a divorce. This was, Xinghe believed, Xia Meng's wish as well. She was going to help her make it happen.

With a rough plan in place, Xinghe sat down to eat the noodles. She couldn't work on an empty stomach.

She felt better with some food in her body but she was still relatively weak considering she'd just woken up from a long illness.

However, she believed mind over body. She steeled her resolve and carried on with her plan.

First step was to know everything about this man, Ye Shen.

Ye Shen was your quintessential, second-generation nouveau riche.

He inherited his family's red wine business but the company stagnated in his hands.

A few years ago, it even faced the threat of bankruptcy but received monetary aid from an international company at the last minute.

However, this did nothing to revitalize his business. Therefore, Ye Shen tried to expand his market and with the arrival of the World Wide Web, the next logical step would be the online platform. Ye Shen recently had used much of his company's asset to focus on brand awareness and improvement because he was trying to bid for cooperation with Xi Empire's internet empire.

The bid was in the middle of negotiation. Xinghe's lips curved into a smile when she saw this information.

She had stumbled upon a way to end Ye Shen and Xia Meng's marital status!

However, this method had its risks.

First, she had to convince Mubai that she was Xia Xinghe.

After she gained his trust, everything else would be smooth sailing.

With that in mind, Xinghe started to hack into Xi Family's server, hoping to locate Mubai's personal computer

Mubai was in his study, looking through his emails.

After Xinghe was moved away from the hospital, he'd followed her and moved into the Xi Family's old mansion.

Due to Old Madame Xi's condition, they had easy access to doctors and nurses so they could provide the best support to aid in Xinghe's recovery.

However, Xinghe was still unconscious even though half a month had passed.