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    Chapter 268 A Strangers Face

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    Chapter 268: A Stranger's Face

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    "Young Mistress, please cooperate or we'll have to use drugs."

    Xinghe's eyes shook and after some deliberation, decided that it was in her best interest to cooperate for now.

    Auntie Ding and the bodyguards nodded satisfactorily. They wheeled her out the room heading towards the elevator.

    The moment Xinghe left the room, she realized she was at First Hospital.

    Along the way, they crossed many doctors, nurses, patients and visitors. They didn't pay her much attention, at most stopping their gaze on her for a few seconds before moving on.

    A woman in a wheelchair was nothing extraordinary at the hospital.

    However, every cell in Xinghe's body was screaming that something was totally out of the ordinary.

    Ever since she woke up, Xinghe could feel that something was different, out of place, but no matter how hard she tried to figure out what, she couldn't.

    While Xinghe was lost in thought, they finally arrived before the elevator.

    When the door opened and Xinghe looked in, she was stunned beyond words!

    The walls inside the elevator were as shiny as a mirror. The moment it opened, the walls reflected their whole group clearly.

    Auntie Ding was standing on her left hand side, two bodyguards, one on her right and another behind her pushing the wheelchair.

    And she was sitting in the wheelchair

    But the face of the woman in the wheelchair was not hers! It was the face of a complete stranger!

    Xinghe widened her eyes in shock and saw the woman in the mirror did the same.

    She felt her face frantically and the woman in the mirror copied her.

    Xinghe, who normally had absolute control of her emotions, felt fear and anxiety rise in her heart.

    How did I become this way?

    Auntie Ding observed her funny movements and smirked but she didn't say anything.

    From her perspective, the woman had probably gone crazy.

    Then again, a mental breakdown wouldn't have been out of place considering

    "What is my name" suddenly asked Xinghe, as she grabbed at her wrist.

    Auntie Ding jumped from the sudden contact. She shrugged Xinghe's hands off impatiently and commented, "Now you're pretending to be crazy after the failed suicide attempt Don't worry, Young Master will not divorce you even if you're really crazy!"

    "What is my name?" Xinghe repeated while staring her down.

    Auntie Ding, for some reason, felt a huge pressure bearing down on her.

    She eventually grumbled, "Fine, if you want to act crazy, so be it. Your name is Xia Meng and your husband, Ye Shen, is the Young Master of the Ye Family!"

    Xinghe was bewildered.

    Who are these Xia Meng and Ye Shen

    Xinghe turned to the image of herself in the wall and recognition slowly dawned.

    Suddenly, a particular scene entered her mind.

    "This is one of my patients. Her surname is Xia as well. Perhaps you two are extended family?"

    "No, I don't think I know her."

    "But from now on, we do know each other. Nice to make your acquaintance, Miss Xia."

    This is her! Doctor Lu's patient in the wheelchair!

    Xinghe had no idea why she would suddenly become this woman.

    But why? She only lost consciousness for a short while and after she woke up, she was another person?

    Xinghe couldn't think of a logical answer.

    Even after they got into the car, Xinghe was still not quite herself.

    Finally, she had to satisfy herself with the one last remaining possibility that could explain her situation.

    Perhaps it was as Xia Zhi had said. Perhaps, she had died and her soul had taken over someone else's body, and this was going to be a transmigration story

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