Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 262

Chapter 262 The Whole Chu Family

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Chapter 262: The Whole Chu Family

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"Just because I played a nasty prank on you, you're going to ruin me" Tianxin glared angrily at her and retorted.

Xinghe smirked. "You? You alone are not worth my time."

Tianxin was taken aback. What is the b*tch saying? I'm not worth her time Then what is she doing here? Who does she think she is

Right then, Xinghe added, "I'm taking out the entire Chu family trash!"

Tianxin's smile was twitching with anger as she replied, "Xia Xinghe, I don't think you will be able to take on my family even if you want to! Who do you think you are? The only reason you can speak so loudly now is because you have Mubai to support you! Without him, you are nothing!"

"I started collecting the evidence against your father when you first visited me at the hospital to insult me with the credit card charity." Xinghe announced suddenly.

Tianxin and her father were shocked that Xinghe's plan had been in action for so long

Xinghe continued softly, "Of course, the evidence was just a precaution. If you'd left me alone, we wouldn't even have gotten to this stage. Since you've asked for it, then open your eyes wide and see how I take down your entire family!"

Then, Xinghe pointed at Mr. Chu and continued, "After I take down your father and mother, the Chu family will implode on itself. Without the halo of the Chu Family's Young Lady title, do you think I still need to waste my time to deal with you?"

Tianxin finally realized the full extent of Xinghe's plan.

After gifting her the three presents, Xinghe was taking away the authority commanded by the Chu family. Without her parents holding the household up, it was only a matter of time before the Chu family crumbled.

Without the backing of her family, Tianxin would be left with nothing. Xinghe could swat her around like a fly, without retribution and with ease.

Tianxin was shocked to realize how impressive Xinghe's scheming mind was. She predicted Tianxin would come for her and had planned her counter-attack in advance.

Not only that, she wasn't only going after her alone; she was going after the entire Chu Family!

It was like she said, Tianxin alone was definitely not worth her time so she was going to wipe out her whole family!

Hatred bubbled in Tianxin's heart. She should have gone for the b*tch's life herself!

Right then, a cold and detached Mubai ordered, "Detain the remaining criminal and wait for the police to arrive!"

"Yes, sir!" The bodyguards went at Mr. Chu.

"Let me go! Who dares to touch me, I'm this county's Traffic Minister!" Mr. Chu struggled in their grip. His struggle seemed to awaken the fight in Mrs. Chu and she also started to fight back while screaming a slew of insults at Xinghe.

The harder they struggled, the rougher the guards got. Their actions were hurting no one but themselves.

Mrs. Chu's perfect hair had fallen out of place and her clothes were stained with smudges from rolling on the floor

"Stop! Let go of my parents!" Tianxin dashed forward to stop the bodyguards but was rudely shoved away. She fell to the floor with a thud.

"Mubai" She crawled to Mubai's side and pulled on his pants' legs. She turned up to look at him and begged, her eyes swirling with tears and indignation, "How can you treat my family so harshly? The Chu Family and Xi Family have been friends for years; when do you lose your heart and decide to treat us this way? Please, I beg you not to be so cruel towards us, please show us mercy"

Tianxin's pleading petered off to heaving sobs. She tried to use pity to touch Mubai.

Mubai was completely unaffected. In fact, his eyes glowed with something akin to disgust.

He stared down at Tianxin and announced, like a judge from hell, "You have no one else to blame for this ending other than yourself. Chu Tianxin, you've crossed the line first when you plotted against Xinghe's life! Where is your mercy then"

"I didn't do such a thing!" Tianxin rebutted fiercely, "I did not harm Xia Xinghe, much less plot for her life. I did no such thing. Until now, she couldn't produce the evidence that I did it, she is accusing me on purpose! Where is the evidence"

"Her word is the only evidence I need," Mubai replied coldly.


Tianxin stared at him with an inexplicable expression.

She didn't expect Mubai would have such faith in Xinghe.

He would believe Xinghe so unconditionally even if it was a murder accusation against her!