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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 260

    Chapter 260 The Second Present

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    Chapter 260: The Second Present

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    Mr. Chu thought that would make them leave.

    However, neither Mubai nor Xinghe even moved a muscle, as if they were not at all worried about the police's involvement

    "When the police get here, neither of you will be getting away scot-free!" Mr. Chu threatened with added emphasis.

    Tianxin suddenly pointed her finger at Xinghe and warned, "Even if you run, I will not forgive you! Xia Xinghe, how dare you accuse me! You're finished, I tell you!"

    "Accuse you? Chu Tianxin, do you think I can't do anything because I have no proof?" Xinghe rebutted coldly.

    A flash of smugness crossed Tianxin's eyes. "It is not my fault that you have no proof. Xia Xinghe, if you can't produce any proof now, then it is just a baseless accusation, so don't think you can wiggle your way out of this. I will pursue you with a libel lawsuit even until the end of the world!"

    "And criminal intimidation" Mrs. Chu added furiously, "The two of you threatened our lives so we will definitely pursue this!"

    "Then what about corruption and criminal bribery?" Xinghe asked suddenly and it stunned the Chu family.

    What corruption and criminal bribery?

    Xinghe explained with a smile, "I've always wondered how your entire family could live in luxury when your father is just a public servant and you're a lowly writer. So, I did some digging and the answer I found is my second present for you, Tianxin. The rotten apple really didn't fall far from the diseased tree. I have in my possession all the records of your father's corruption. Thanks for calling the police, Mr. Chu; you've saved me the trip to the police station."

    Mr. Chu's face fell.

    He started to panic. How could Xia Xinghe possibly know about my malpractices?

    And not only that, she apparently has evidence of them

    No, she must be bluffing, she's only a little girl; how can she possibly accomplish that?

    Mr. Chu's years of experience in the political stratosphere helped calm himself down quickly.

    He came down on Xinghe with authority, "You dared to accuse me of corruption? You must be joking! I'm a politician that devoted his whole life to serving his constituents so you must be bluffing; if you dare, then show us the proof!"

    Xinghe flipped open the notebook that sat on her lap and her face was lit up by the screen's harsh light after it was turned on.

    Her fingers typed on the keyboard with ease and not long after, the Chu's phones sounded with the inbox message notification.

    "I've sent the proof you asked for, you can check it for yourself," Xinghe said slowly as she raised her eyes from the screen.

    Mr. Chu was the most shocked. He quickly pulled out his phone

    His inbox was bombarded with pictures.

    When he clicked on the first one, his face paled considerably.

    In the picture, he was in a secret meeting with a company's CEO. Most importantly, the CEO was pushing towards him a suitcase of cash

    This happened not long ago, how did Xia Xinghe get a photo of this?

    Who was the photographer?

    He scrolled down to find a picture of him in bed with a young woman!

    Mrs. Chu beside him saw the picture and screeched, "Chu Liangpin, who is this hussy How dare you cheat on me with this prostitute? You heartless bastard, I'm going to kill you!"

    If Tianxin got her looks from her mother, then she got her scheming mind from her father. He was familiar with his wife's feisty temperament so, in that instant, he decided to make use of her to get himself out of this conundrum.

    He shoved Mrs. Chu back towards the couch where Tianxin's cake knife laid and said with purpose, "Woman, the picture is fake! If you want to kill someone, find the person responsible for fabricating this picture and not me!"

    Mrs. Chu fell to the floor and was temporarily dazed.

    "It's a fake?" She mumbled to herself but the next second, she narrowed her eyes at Xinghe with lethal intent and spat, "You b*tch, how dare you sabotage our relationship, I'm going to kill you!"

    Mrs. Chu swiped the knife off the ground and charged at Xinghe.