Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 240

Chapter 240 A Scream

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Chapter 240: A Scream

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After all, Ruobing was Old Madam Xi's adopted granddaughter.

They had years of memories together. The emotional ties were too deep. If Old Madam Xi was willing to forgive her, then Ruobing would escape unscathed.

Therefore, Xinghe had to set up the stage for Ruobing to fall

She'd laid down the choices before Ruobing, either she admitted her mistake or shamelessly continued on with the knowledge of her mistake.

Obviously, Ruobing chose the latter

Accidental mistakes were forgivable, but someone who pressed on despite knowing her own wrongdoings? Such people didn't deserve forgiveness.

Xinghe knew with certainty that the faulty product would injure Old Madam Xi and she hoped the light injury would amplify her disappointment and anger towards her adopted daughter.

In any case, even if Old Madam Xi could somehow find her heart to forgive Ruobing, her ex-husband would not

It would be the same for the entire Xi Family.

After losing the Xi's support, it would be difficult for Ruobing to bounce back from her loss.

This was Xinghe's plan, to one-shot her enemy so they couldn't launch a comeback!

Of course, the extent of her plan went further than that.

With Ruobing as contrast, it would highlight how capable she was before the rest of them.

This would make them more inclined to hand Lin Lin over to her.

Even though there was a contract but it was ultimately verbal, lacking in assurance.

Xi Family might pull some strings behind her back to stop her from reaching her son.

However, if they started to accept her, then it would definitely be easier to her to leave with Lin Lin

Xinghe's intricate plan was unknown to all but one her ex-husband.

Xinghe subconsciously stole a glance at him.

To be fair, Xinghe was appreciative of his understanding and kindness. The fact that he didn't expose or impede her plan was the biggest help he could ever give her.

She thought of ways to repay him but it only made her feel guilty for taking his son away from him

The surgery lasted for two hours.

When Old Madam Xi was wheeled out of door, everyone crowded around her.

Lu Qi announced happily, "The surgery was a great success. Old Madam Xi is in perfect physical condition, she just needs some rest for now. The operation was a great success!"

"This is wonderful news!" Elder Xi was the first one to cheer.

Happiness spread across the crowd like a wave.

Ruobing was naturally the happiest of all, even happier than winning the lottery in fact.

She turned to look at Xinghe immediately, the smugness and taunting in her eyes on full display.

She no longer feared Xinghe.

With the successful conclusion of the operation, there was nothing she needed to worry about anymore!

Even if Xia Xinghe produces the evidence now, it will be too late. Nothing is able to stop me from achieving my dreams now!

Ruobing could barely contain herself. However, instead of sending Old Madam Xi to the resting bay like everyone else, she strode confidently towards Xinghe.

She stopped before her and turned her nose up to say, "Xia Xinghe, the result is out, victory is mine and you lost! Where is your confidence now, the capability you speak of? Look at you, you're just a loser, a good-for-nothing loser! You hear me? You've lost to me, the person that you plotted so hard against! Serves you right, b*tch!"

Xinghe stood up stoically and replied with only one question, "Do you seriously think you've won?"

"Of course, the result is clear as day! If I'm not the winner, who you think is the winner? You? Don't make laugh! The winner is me! Me-"

Right at that moment, a blood-curdling scream pierced the hospital air.

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