Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 219

Chapter 219 Im Outside Your House

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Chapter 219: I'm Outside Your House

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"How can you expect me to trust you when you literally just betrayed me?" Xinghe challenged.

"That is an unfounded accusation," Ee Chen argued with a pout, "I didn't side with Ruobing but helped you to do the design, isn't that enough to prove my loyalty? Didn't I answer every single one of your questions? I have nothing to hide"

"Did you forget about the little fact that you helped her steal my design"

"That claim is untrue because the design I gave her is a fake, I swear!"

Xinghe's lips curved into a smile. "The design you gave her would still be a fake even whether you planned to or not."

Ee Chen was temporarily stunned as the truth of what Xinghe said slowly dawned on him. He groaned, "So you've been guarding against me all along."

"And reality proves that I was right to do so." Xinghe stressed and Ee Chen was shamed into silence.

However, a smile quickly returned to his face. "You see, this only validates my choice of picking you over her! You are way smarter and more cautious than she'll ever be. I promise you will not regret this partnership because I've decided to stick close to you!"

"Get out" Xinghe ordered suddenly.

Ee Chen was at a loss. "Get out?"

"You heard me. Your help is no longer required for the artificial limb design. Regarding the partnership, I'm still undecided. The day you pass me the thing in your possession will be the day I consider the partnership with you."

Ee Chen didn't think she will be so unfeeling. He muttered petulantly, "But what I said is the truth. You can trust me with the stuff"

"I only trust myself."

"It's back to that thing, isn't it? I already told you, I really didn't betray you"

"That is a matter of terminology. I advise you to leave on your own before I call security."

Ee Chen was certain Xinghe wasn't going to budge so he said helplessly, "Fine, I'll go. After I help you procure more information on people like us, perhaps then you'll see that I'm on your side."

Xinghe didn't respond and her expression was unreadable.

Ee Chen left soon after.

Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo were both befuddled as to why Xinghe let him go just like that, without any severe punishment.

Xinghe didn't go into details, she only said that the designs on Ruobing's hands are all fake so that at least brought a little relief to Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo.

However, Xinghe was still chased out of the lab. That fact was undeniable.

Without support of the lab, how could they construct the design?

Just when Xinghe was debating whether to call Mubai for help, her phone rang. It was from her ex-husband.

Xinghe hesitated for a moment before picking it up, "Hello."

"I'm outside your house, come out for a moment," he said before immediately hanging up.

Xinghe closed her mobile and walked to her front door.

She looked out the window. Night had fallen

Mubai stood by the side of his car. Over his usual white formal shirt, he threw on a simple black coat for warmth. He had his hands in his pockets and he was looking up at the sky as if he was studying the constellation.

The lanterns around Purple Jade Villas were on for the night and the bright lights reflected the ones twinkling in the sky.

The night, the stars, the man and the atmosphere, the romantic scene was set.

Xinghe stepped out of the door and Mubai turned from her footsteps.

Like in many romantic dramas, their eyes met

In that brief moment of eye contact, Xinghe saw many complicated emotions that swirled in his eyes.

She looked away and asked, "Why did you call for me?"

"Why you didn't come to me when something huge like this has happened?" Mubai asked in return.