Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 206

Chapter 206 First Day Of Work

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Chapter 206: First Day of Work

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After a long day at work, Xinghe left the lab to find Mubai's expensive car parked not far away from the entrance.

Mubai had a white shirt on and was lounging lazily up against the bonnet of his car.

The setting sun accentuated his facial features. Having half of his face hidden by the shadow added an air of mystery to the man's appearance.

The fading light of the sun acted as a natural contour that highlighted his perfect bone structure and lean body.

He was shrouded in the golden rays of the sun like the Greek God Apollo stepping out of an oil painting, regal and captivating.

Even Xinghe who no longer had any feelings for him couldn't help but feel her heart skip a beat.

She could hear audible gasps coming from the two female engineers that followed behind her.

"Who is that?"

"You don't know who he is? That's the only reason I applied to work at this lab!"

"He's so dreamy don't you think?"

In engineering labs like theirs, the number of men greatly outweighed the women so female engineers usually had their pick of partners so it took a truly delectable man for them to come up with comments like these

Xinghe felt weirdly tickled hearing their comments.

As she indulged herself with a smile, Mubai suddenly turned and his pair of passionate dark eyes met hers.

Almost immediately, his lips broke into a sinful yet lazy smile.

"Catch me, I think I'm going to faint!"

"Girl, you better help yourself because I might faint before you!"

"Well, I'm going to die if you faint! I won't let you upstage me before my dream guy!" The two engineers started squealing like schoolgirls.

Xinghe did an eye roll in response to their antics.

Yes, Mubai is slightly better looking than most of the men that work there but does he really deserve this kind of reaction?

"So, how was your first day of work?" Mubai strode to her side and asked with a wicked smile.

Xinghe thought she was imagining it but she was sure the way he looked at her had gotten much more gentle.

Like he was looking at a precious pet cat, one that required careful handling and pampering.

Since when did Xi Mubai become so caring towards others?

He might seem easy-going on the surface, but she was very familiar with the disinterestedness that operated within his core.

Therefore, she convinced herself she must be imagining things

Then again, she didn't really care if he'd had a change of heart or not; it was his business, not hers.

"It was alright," Xinghe answered without much emphasis.

"Get in, you can tell me more on the way home." Mubai turned to open the door for her. Then, he stood by the door like chauffeur, his expectant eyes on her, like he would be very disappointed if she just walked away.

Xinghe didn't mind sharing a ride home with him. Even though they were no longer married, she harbored no ill feelings towards him.

In all honesty, Xinghe had never hated him. She just hadn't wanted to stay married.

Other than that, she didn't mind having normal interactions with him.

However, her body froze the moment she bent down to get into his car. She felt Mubai's palm press down on her head.

He was worried she might hit her head on the roof

One second later, she could sense the two female engineers boring a hole through her with their burning gazes!

The two actually had half a mind to run forward to drag her out of the way and replace her!

Xinghe shivered involuntarily from the envious looks that the two women shot at her. She quickly climbed into the car to shield herself from their sight.

After the car sped away, she released a breath that she didn't know she was holding

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