Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 194

Chapter 194 Challenge Accepted

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Chapter 194: Challenge Accepted!

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Xinghe knew this was all a charade.

Her instincts told her, underneath all the vitriol, there was only one goal for Yun Ruobing to chase her out.

This was her first time having such close contact with Ruobing but she knew from the moment they met she was an ambitious woman.

If not, she wouldn't have wasted away her youth working in a lab like this, slowly working her way up to be the leader and gain control of everything here.

Her desire for power spoke volumes of her giant ambitions.

This type of personality would not allow anyone to threaten her authority.

The fact that Xinghe promised that she could create a perfect artificial human limb in a month must have set off alarms in her mind.

If Xinghe achieved success in this endeavor, it would completely undermine her years of hard work.

She was afraid. This was a bet that she was unwilling to take, therefore, no matter what, she had to chase Xinghe out.

Even if Xinghe somehow found her way to stay, Ruobing would continuously impede her progress.

To save her the trouble, it would be easier to just send Xinghe packing.

Of course, Xinghe wasn't nave enough to think Ruobing would cooperate with her to complete the project. A woman like Ruobing wouldn't change overnight and suddenly lose all her desire for power.

She had spent years climbing her way to the top. Would she be willing to situate herself beneath Xinghe simply because of an order? Of course not!

Furthermore, Xinghe's presence was her biggest threat because Xinghe's success meant her failure.

Her hard work, plans, and goal which she had nurtured over the years would disintegrate just like that.

Xinghe was not privy to Ruobing's ultimate goal but it must have something to do with the effort she had poured into the lab.

Therefore, no matter what Xinghe did, Ruobing would find a way to expel Xinghe from the lab.

However, Xinghe wasn't saintly enough to sacrifice herself to fulfill Ruobing's desire.

So what if she's spent years slaving away at the lab? One not only has to work hard but also work smart. After all, it's a dog eat dog world out there.

Xinghe knew a showdown with Ruobing was inevitable.

Both women had too many things on the line.

If Xinghe lost, it would mean the loss of her wager to Xi Family, and her son.

If Ruobing lost, it would mean the loss of her ambitions.

Neither of them wanted to lose the things that were dear to their heart. Therefore, they had to take their opponent down!

Unless Ruobing dropped her ambitions, there could only be one winner!

However, Xinghe understood perfectly; Ruobing will not do that. The woman was driven by her ambitions, without them, there would be nothing left.

Furthermore, Xinghe knew she had to be swift in dealing with Ruobing, she couldn't let the other woman block her at every turn.

She didn't have much time left. This would have to be finished quickly.

Therefore, since Ruobing also wanted to get this over with expediently, she decided to play along.

"Fine--" Xinghe announced, "I accept your challenge. If I win, all of you must listen to my orders without complaints!"

Ruobing's eyes glinted slightly because she didn't expect that Xinghe would be stupid enough to fall for her goading and accept her challenge.

Luo Jun fidgeted anxiously.

"Miss Xia, you can't" He was interrupted by Xinghe before he could continue, "Thank you for looking out for me but you can't dissuade me from taking this challenge. I've made up my mind.

"But" What if you lose?

"No buts, she took the challenge, we all heard it," Ruobing rudely interrupted Luo Jun, not giving them any chance of backing out.