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    Chapter 171 Youre Doing This Because Of Her

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    Chapter 171: You're Doing This Because of Her?

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    The shock came so suddenly that they didn't know what to do. They were like a bunch of headless chicken!

    They even thought they'd misheard him.

    What did Mubai just say?

    He's breaking off the engagement with Tianxin?

    He really said He's breaking up with Chu Tianxin

    "No, I must have misheard something" Tianxin mumbled to herself in shock. Her face was drained of blood and she stared vacantly at Mubai, "Mubai, what did you just say? How come I can't understand it"

    A shocked Old Mrs. Xi exclaimed, "Mubai, this is not a joking matter! You must have misspoken, right?"

    Everyone thought that way, after all, everything was going just fine. Why would he suddenly call the engagement off?

    Mubai's gaze was unmoved so much so that the room got increasingly unsettled by it.

    He repeated himself, slowly enunciating every word, "I didn't misspeak. Today, I'm officially announcing that I'm breaking off my engagement to Chu Tianxin!"

    This time, everyone heard him loud and clear.

    There was not a pretty smile in sight.

    The worst was of course Tianxin. In matters of second, her face was as white as that of a dead person, like she was witnessing the apocalypse happen before her.

    The only exception was Xinghe, she maintained the calm countenance she had the moment she stepped into the room.

    Even with such a big announcement, there was not a twitch of emotion on her face.

    It was as if she saw this coming

    "Why are you calling off the engagement" Tianxin stood up fiercely and questioned with her whole body shaking, "Mubai, why would you call off the engagement when everything's going fine between us? What is the meaning of this, did I do something wrong"

    "That's right!" Mrs. Chu also sprung up in fury. "What could our Tianxin have possibly done to you to treat her this way? Calling off the engagement when we're so close to the wedding, explain yourself!"

    "Mubai, what are you doing? Quick, straighten everything out, do you think something like calling off the engagement can be decided so easily?" Old Mrs. Xi screamed as she also stood up.

    Mr. Chu who was more collected than the women in the room, interrogated Mubai with a solemn face, "Why are you breaking off the engagement? There must be a reason, right? Don't tell me it's because of this woman!"

    Mr. Chu's finger went up and pointed directly at Xinghe

    Immediately, Xinghe became the center of attention.

    Tianxin also pointed angrily at Xinghe. "You're breaking up with me because of her? Mubai, you must be kidding me, you're telling me you're calling our engagement off because of her I will not let you do that to me over a woman like her!"

    A sudden severe glint entered Mubai's eyes. "A woman like her? Well, tell me what kind of woman you think she is!"

    Tianxin was stunned.

    She didn't expect Mubai would turn on her for Xinghe

    The anger and humiliation in her heart burst into the open.

    She yelled furiously, "She is a woman that everyone hates! There is nothing good about her, much less anything good enough for you. I'm the only one good enough for you. If not for her appearance so many years ago, we would have been married. It was her who broke us apart!"

    "Xinghe did not break us apart!" Mubai stared at her with a pair of emotionless eyes. "Because it was never my intention to marry you in the first place!"

    "You what" Tianxin felt her body shook, the blood in her body seemed to have frozen.

    Mubai repeated, "Even without Xinghe, I wouldn't have agreed to our marriage so many years ago. Agreeing to marry you now was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life."

    "" Tianxin felt like collapsing.

    What was Mubai saying?