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    Chapter 153 Because You Didnt Love Me

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    Chapter 153: Because You Didn't Love Me

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    "This is the reason you asked to meet?" Mubai asked.

    "Yes, I hope you can fulfill my wish because Lin Lin is everything to me," Xinghe pleaded sincerely, "You can name any price you want, as long as you promise to give me the custody of Lin Lin."

    "Any price?" Mubai asked again.

    Xinghe nodded. "Yes. I can create more software for your company to increase your profit."

    "Xia Xinghe" Mubai said slowly but not angrily, "Lin Lin has been by my side since he was young, don't you think you're being a bit much asking for him to be taken away from me just like that?"

    "I understand my demand is a bit unreasonable but you'll have more children after you marry Tianxin. Lin Lin is my one and only, and I hope he too will get undivided love and attention in return."

    Mubai responded with a sneer, "If you care about him so much, why did you choose to have the divorce so many years ago?"

    She should have known he would most likely remarry when she made that decision!

    Mubai was inexplicably miffed. That year, he didn't feel anything when he was handed the divorce papers but for some reasons, he felt a fury burning within him now.

    "Because you didn't love me," Xinghe's sudden answer shocked Mubai. Before he could recover from it, Xinghe continued, "I didn't love you either. Our marriage was a loveless one. We were two strangers pulled together by a contract. Staying together would only do both of us harm."

    "" Mubai's face fell.

    She was right, their marriage was a torture.

    Two strangers who didn't know each other were forcefully linked together. The arrangement was convenient for neither. Neither party was satisfied.

    The situation was worse for Xinghe because she, as the woman, had to marry into the Xi Family, a place where she felt zero sense of belonging. Everything and everyone was unfamiliar to her. Every single minute in that household was veritable torture.

    Furthermore, Mubai and Xinghe had nothing in common. He was busy at work almost every day, to him she was less a wife, more a home decoration.

    She was ostracized by the Xi Family's members and was still recovering from her car accident's head trauma

    The almost three years she spent in Xi Family was like hell. She was so depressed, she even contemplated suicide.

    To give herself an out, she chose divorce. Even though life outside of the Xi Family might not be as physically comfortable but at least she wouldn't suffer daily mental torment.

    Of course, she had never revealed her side of the story to anyone before.

    Now for the sake of her child, she had to tell them to Mubai.

    "Truth be told, you and I are the same type of people. We pursue a better spiritual life, we don't put much store by relationships and emotions. That is why you don't mind who you marry, and I don't mind who I'm married to. However, I hadn't recovered my memory then. Without the memory, I was like a puppet without a soul, I couldn't stand the daily torment. You, on the other hand, were different. I doubt you will bat an eye even if the sky is to fall right now. With or without the child, you'll carry on just fine. However, even with my memory recovered, I still feel something amiss within my heart. Call it the mother's need or whatever you wish to, but I don't see myself surviving without my son beside me Mubai, let me take care of our son, just for five years. I beg of you, please."

    Xinghe stared at him sincerely to let him know that every one of her words came straight from her heart.

    Mubai knew Xinghe to be a taciturn person.

    She pushed herself to express so many of her inner feelings. He could see that she really wanted to have the child back in her life.

    However, you got one thing wrong. Lin Lin is my son too. How could I carry on like nothing happened if Lin Lin were taken away from me?

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