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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 150

    Chapter 150 Lin Lins Death

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    Chapter 150: Lin Lin's Death!

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    "Xia Xinghe, I'm going to kill you! All of you!

    "All of you deserve to die! I'll curse every single one of you, even if I become a ghost I'll come back to haunt you!"

    Wushuang had totally lost it.

    Her hatred had become indiscriminate. She would destroy the world if given the opportunity.

    Xinghe turned back to look at her and jumped in utter shock.

    Wushuang's facial bandage had fallen off to reveal a deep gash starting from the top of her left eyebrow all the way across to the bottom of her right cheek.

    It practically split her face into two. It was bleeding and tearing apart agitated by Wushuang's violent movement.

    Coupled with the fact that she was dragging her powerless lower body across the floor

    It was like the night of the living dead!

    Xinghe had always been a spiritually and mentally strong person but, for some reason, Wushuang's scary face was forever seared into her mind.

    "My god!" A spooked Xia Zhi yelped, "I'd heard her lower body has also been completely paralyzed. This is one tragic end - even for someone like her."

    Xinghe didn't comment but frowned uncomfortably.

    "Sis, what's wrong? You don't look so well," Xia Zhi asked concernedly.

    Xinghe shook her head. "I'm fine. I guess I just wasn't prepared to see Wushuang end up in a state like this."

    "She asked for it! I'm sure she must be kicking herself for not listening to your advice."

    Xinghe sighed. "Enough about her. Lead me to see Xiao Mo."


    Xiao Mo's injury wasn't anything serious. A long period of rest and he would be fine.

    Xinghe told him to focus on his recovery. He could start work after he was fully recovered.

    After all, the company needed to take a break for them to focus completely on suing Chui Ming and his gang.

    The thought of how Chui Ming ended up was Xiao Mo's best medicine.

    His smile was much brighter with a noticeable lack of gloominess that used to surround him.

    Xia Zhi was happy too but he was happy for Xinghe's sake because she was going to reclaim everything that was hers.

    However, Xinghe herself was not feeling so well.

    After her encounter with Wushuang at the hospital, she was harassed by nightmares every night.

    And the nightmare was always the same.

    It was always about death.

    Although to be more specifically, it was about deaths.

    She dreamt of her own death. She spent a long time at the hospital, slowly tortured by sickness before she passed away.

    The other dream was about the death of her son, Lin Lin!

    In her dream, after Tianxin married Mubai, she quickly produced him another heir. After that, the whole family doted on this new arrival to the family.

    Lin Lin, who was neglected, chose to run away from home but ended up brutally murdered by Xi Family's rivals and enemies.

    Xinghe would scare herself awake whenever her dream zoomed in on Lin Lin's horrible death.

    She shrugged it off when she first encountered this nightmare.

    She started to worry when it happened for the second time.

    Then it recurred for the third and fourth time. She had been having the same nightmare for four consecutive days.

    Even though Wushuang did curse them, this was simply too supernatural.

    Something must be wrong!

    But she had a hard time figuring out what. Did she suddenly acquire the ability to predict the future?

    Xinghe walked out her bedroom absent-mindedly. She descended the stairs into the living room and saw Xia Zhi watching a football match on the television. It was four in the morning.

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