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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 142

    Chapter 142 The Power Of Hatred

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    Chapter 142: The Power of Hatred

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    Another heavy blow later, Chui Ming could feel his teeth wobbling.

    However, Xiao Mo didn't let up. In fact, the assault came faster and stronger.

    He pressed down hard on Chui Ming, not giving him any chance to escape or counter. He was ready to punch Chui Ming into a bloody pulp.

    Chui Ming's initial struggle eventually stopped and he surrendered himself to the crazed Xiao Mo.

    Even though Xiao Mo's shoulder was pierced through by a bullet, he was relentless.

    He was fueled by the power of hatred!

    Resentment that was bottled up over the years was released all at once. How could Xiao Mo not go crazy with bloodlust?

    He was guided by one basic impulse, which was to beat Chui Ming to his death!

    That one thought overwhelmed everything else in Xiao Mo's mind, even his sanity.

    Like a possessed man, he saw nothing but blood in his eyes.

    Therefore, he didn't realize Chui Ming has long since stopped struggling. In fact, he was eerily motionless.

    The two bodyguards saw the bad situation and rushed forward to pull Xiao Mo back or else Xiao Mo would really smash Chui Ming's head in.

    By then, blood was all over Chui Ming and his face had been horribly disfigured

    However, it did nothing to quench the fire of hatred within Xiao Mo. While he was dragged away from the body, he didn't miss the chance to launch a few powerful kicks at Chui Ming.

    "Mr. Xiao, that's enough. You're going to kill him!"

    "The police are almost here," The two bodyguards reminded him.

    "I don't care! I'm not afraid of jail time, I just want to kill him! I want to kill him"

    Xiao Mo struggled out of the bodyguards' clutches and charged at Chui Ming's body.

    However, after taking a few steps, he fainted. He was losing too much blood

    "Sis, something bad happened to Brother Xiao!" Xia Zhi and Xinghe were waiting for Xiao Mo at a caf opposite the police station. They were waiting for Xiao Mo to bring Chui Ming over.

    Xinghe frowned. "What happened?"

    Xia Zhi quickly relayed to Xinghe everything the bodyguard told him.

    "Now, both he and Chui Ming are being sent to the hospital. The diagnostics aren't positive for the both of them. Did Brother Xiao lose his mind? The physical confrontation wasn't beneficial for either party." Xia Zhi was puzzled.

    Xinghe said in a low voice, "He was blinded by hatred. Pack up, we'll go to the hospital now."


    They left the caf in a hurry. As they crossed the road to reach the opposite car park, a car rounded the corner and headed directly at them.

    Once bitten, twice shy. Xinghe had been in multiple car accidents so she was extra cautious whenever she crossed the road.

    Therefore, she saw the danger coming immediately!

    "Careful" Xinghe yelled as she leaped to push Xia Zhi out of the road. The speeding car rammed directly into Xinghe. She flew quite a distance before landing with a heavy thud.

    "Sis!" Xia Zhi who fell to the ground screamed as he turned back to watch the nightmarish scene unfold before him.

    However, the car didn't stop there. It made a drastic U-turn and sped towards Xinghe's injured body.

    Minutes before the car reached Xinghe, a Maybach shot out of the traffic and crashed into it.


    The sound of impact made the earth quake and the car that was knocked up overturned in mid-air and landed as a pile of scrap metal.