Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Old Scores

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Chapter 141: Old Scores

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Wushuang chose to trust Chui Ming.

Then again, what other choice did she have?

Plus, she wasn't worried that Chui Ming would leave her behind because if so, she would report him to Interpol.

For a better tomorrow, Wushuang had decided to follow Chui Ming out of the country and abandon her mother.

She firmly believed a new start was entirely possible.

However, she underestimated Chui Ming's viciousness.

He wasn't lying when he said he needed to find someone to kill Xia Xinghe, but he left out the important detail that she was on his hit list too.

As Wushuang drove in a hurry to the airport, she didn't notice a van had been tailing her.

When she finally realized something was wrong, the van rammed heavily into her from behind. Wushuang screamed in fright and her car went flying forward!

Chui Ming had come up with two plans the night before, the choice of which depended on Wushuang's effort to take care of Xia Xinghe. If her plan was successful, Chui Ming would accept her back with open arms since she would have proved her usefulness.

If not, his plan was to cut all losses and run.

He had planned his escape route, the only thing he needed was the inheritance in Wushuang's hands

After he tricked Wushuang away, Chui Ming started packing. Just as he was about to close his car door, a black car stopped right in front of him, blocking his way.

Xiao Mo descended from it. Following him were two bodyguards and a man who was in their custody.

The man was one of three that infiltrated Xinghe's house.

Naturally, Chui Ming recognized the man.

He knew the moment Wushuang walked in the door with her defeated face that his own assassination plan had also failed but it was still quite a shock to see it confirmed with his own two eyes.

He thought his plan was planned to perfection; he couldn't understand why it would fail.

However, even with his failure staring at his face, he wasn't a little bit concerned.

Meeting Xiao Mo's hatred-filled gaze, he chuckled. "What's wrong? Looks like you're not here with kind intentions."

Chui Ming was right. Xiao Mo was definitely not there to share a biscuit over tea with him.

"You're right, Chui Ming. I'm here today to collect your debt of blood!" Xiao Mo said with a chilling smirk.

"Debt of blood?" Chui Ming replied in a snarky manner, "Aren't you overestimating yourself? On what grounds are you here to claim it?"

Xiao Mo sneered. "On the grounds of premeditated attempt to murder! Chui Ming, bet you didn't see this coming. Your plan failed big time and your men have all told the police everything. They'll be here to arrest you soon, but before that, I want to settle personal scores with you."

Chui Ming narrowed his eyes at Xiao Mo. He challenged, "Just how do you expect to do that?"

"Of course, it's to make your life hell!" Xiao Mo roared as he charged at Chui Ming.

Chui Ming pulled out a pistol he had hidden inside his clothes and opened fire

Xiao Mo didn't even flinch or evade. The bullet shot through his shoulder and he slammed into Chui Ming!

As if his pain receptors had been burnt off, the bullet wound didn't faze him one bit. He climbed atop of Chui Ming and landed a punch on Chui Ming's face!

"F*ck" Chui Ming cursed loudly. He wasn't expecting Xiao Mo to be so fearless.

He struggled to fire another shot but his arm that held the gun was heavily pinned down by Xiao Mo. Rage poured through Xiao Mo as he threw one punch after another at Chui Ming's face.


After an especially heavy blow, Chui Ming's vision began to blur.