Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Money Transfer

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Chapter 140: Money Transfer

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"I was staying at my mom's. Didn't you ask me to come up with a solution to take care of Xia Xinghe"

Chui Ming's eyes shook slightly, "You took care of her already?"

"No" Wushuang's face fell immediately, "Honey, Xia Xinghe is too cunning. She saw through our plan. Now my mother's detained at the police station. I've escaped but if we don't do anything soon, Xia Xinghe will take everything that belongs to her! Honey, there's no one but you that can help me now. Let's figure out a way to destroy Xia Xinghe. If not, we'll be left with nothing!"

Wushuang was too distressed to notice the peculiar look that temporarily entered Chui Ming's eyes.

He set down the wine glass and walked towards Wushuang. He pulled her in for an intimate hug which totally surprised Wushuang.

"Wushuang, I'm sorry but I'm unable to help you," Chui Ming caressed her hair and said with a sigh.

Wushuang raised her head in alarm. "But why?"

Chui Ming said with a painful expression, "Because I'm bankrupt..."

"What" Wushuang was shocked, "How"

"How? Crash of the stock market. Overnight, I've lost everything. Everything, do you understand?" Chui Ming laughed but there was no mirth in it.

Wushuang stepped back involuntarily with a blanched face. "But how could it happen so fast"

They were still in the lap of luxury yesterday, how could they have lost everything overnight?

"Wushuang, leave and run as far as you can. I have nothing now so I can't help you anymore. I too will go into hiding, so this will probably be our last time together," Chui Ming said suddenly.

Wushuang held onto his hand and pleaded, "No, we still have something! Honey, I have money, lots of money, this is still not the end for us! We can run together, no, we can use the money to figure out a way to remove Xia Xinghe!"

Chui Ming looked at her kindly and caressed her face lovingly. "Honey, there's no need for you to cheer me up. Even if you have some money stored away, it wouldn't be enough for us to start over"

"No, it's enough! I have all the money from Xia Family's estate! Ten billion, that's more than enough!"

"Alright, then quickly transfer it into my overseas account. It'll buy us time for us to leave this country."

Caution settled in Wushuang's heart. Her inner voice warned her that she couldn't give everything she had to Chui Ming.

However, if she didn't transfer it to him, the money would very soon be out of her pocket!

Wu Rong was already charged with the murder of Xia Chengwu and attempted murder on Xia Xinghe. It wouldn't take long for the police to freeze the Xia Family's remaining estates.

If she didn't move the money soon, she would be left penniless.

At the end of the day, Chui Ming was her lawfully wedded husband; he wouldn't mistreat her.

Plus, didn't he promise they would escape together?

Wushuang decided to believe in Chui Ming, to bet on the premise of love.

With Chui Ming's aid, Wushuang managed to transfer the money from her own and Wu Rong's accounts to Chui Ming's very quickly.

Thankfully, Chui Ming seemed to be a man of his words.

After he helped her pack her suitcase, he told her, "Wushuang, you go to the airport first and wait for me. I'll be there after I get this small thing settled. I have to find someone to take care of Xia Xinghe before we leave this country!"

"You want me to go on my own?" Wushuang couldn't hide her surprise.

Chui Ming nodded. "Yes, but don't worry I'll be there to meet you after everything's done. Wushuang, don't worry, I won't leave you alone; you are, after all, my lovely wife. Alright, let's get moving, we don't have the time to dawdle or the police will get here soon."

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