Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Were All Toast

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Chapter 126: We're all Toast

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What he said next shocked her even more

"You dumb c*nt! How could you not realize that Xia Xinghe not only knows computer programming but is also scarily good at it If you had told me that before, I wouldn't have given her the chance to enter the Hacker Competition! If she didn't appear at the competition, Chui Corps' software wouldn't have lost and we wouldn't be in this f*cking situation! This is all your fault, you brainless b*tch. How can you possibly expect to beat Xia Xinghe when her brain is at least one hundred times better than yours Soon, we'll all be toast!"

Wushuang stared at him disbelievingly.

"What did you say" She was sure she heard wrongly. "Xia Xinghe knows computing and beat Chui Corps' software? How is that possible!"

She had absolutely no idea Xinghe was familiar with computer technology much less to a stage where she could handily beat King Kong Internet Security.

Even though she wasn't a computer programmer, she knew Chui Corps' software was very powerful. It was beaten by Xia Xinghe How was that possible?

"You've known her for at least twenty years, how can you not realize she's a hacker? Xia Wushuang, how can you be so blind? Now that Chui Corps is crumbling down, the next in line is you! We're all going to die by Xia Xinghe's hands!" Chui Ming roared in her face.

He didn't expect his life would be endangered to such a pitiable degree by an unknown woman.

Before this, Xia Xinghe was clearly a nobody, less than even the beggars on the street.

Who would have thought she would undergo such a drastic transformation?

To so easily ruin Chui Corps which he had managed for his whole life.

He was cornered by a woman who once had nothing!

This was the biggest shame, the worst he had ever felt in his life.

No, he knew for a fact it was going to get worse, and it was all thanks to that woman.

The more he thought about it, the more resentful he became. Wushuang was part of the problem.

He glared viciously at her and said threateningly, "You brought Xia Xinghe, this menace into our lives so you take care of it! Or else, sit there and wait to be buried alongside Chui Corps!"

Then, he turned to leave. There was still some time left, he had to figure out a way to prevent Chui Corps from crashing straight down to the ground.

He would leave Wushuang to handle Xia Xinghe.

However, after the imminent crisis was averted, he would have all of them disposed of somehow.

No one could cause Chui Ming harm and get away with it!

Chui Ming's threat made Wushuang uneasy with fear.

However, she was more apprehensive about the fact that Xia Xinghe would pose such a threat to them

How was that possible? She was certain Xia Xinghe was a dumb b*tch who couldn't finish her university degree. So, what had really happened?

The b*tch must have guarded herself against them since the very beginning! Or else how could she hide her hacker identity so perfectly?

I should have killed her when the chance presented itself. This is my fault for being so merciful towards her.

If I did, I wouldn't be in this mess today!

Now that Xinghe had her knife to their throat, Wushuang had no choice but to commit to the deed.

Homicidal ruthlessness flashed in Wushuang's eyes.

Xia Xinghe, you've forced my hand! So, don't you dare blame us when you're dead!

Wushuang cleaned herself up and rushed to discuss her plan with Wu Rong.

Wu Rong was equally surprised when she heard the news.

"Xia Xinghe did what? If she is so talented, why did she spend her last few years in such a pitiable state?"