Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 125

Chapter 125 All Thanks To You

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Chapter 125: All Thanks to You!

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A discontented Wushuang frowned. If Chui Ming was out partying with some random hussy, she swore she would not forgive him!

"The master's home." Wushuang was still pondering what had happened when the maid's voice rang out again. She lifted her head and saw Chui Ming walk slowly into the room.

"Honey, where have you been" Wushuang stepped forth happily but stopped herself after two steps.

She sensed something wrong with Chui Ming.

His face was gloomy like it was shielded behind a raincloud that wouldn't dissipate.

His hair and clothes were unkempt. He hadn't shaved for the night so stubble had grown around his chin.

There was a look of despondency about him like he was just dealt a huge, emotional blow!

However, the most telling sign was his eyes. The pair of eyes that stared at her was frighteningly chilling.

Wushuang couldn't figure out what she had done wrong or what had happened.

She asked uneasily, "Honey, are you feeling okay? Tired from work?"

The whole world knew about Chui Corps' demise but his wife didn't. Chui Ming laughed mirthlessly at the irony of it all.

This spooked Wushuang. "Honey, what's wrong? Don't frighten me like this, I'm scared"

After that, she held onto his arm lovingly. Chui Ming liked to be the dominant one in the relationship. He would give in to her demands whenever she appealed to his masculine ideals.

However, it was of no use this time.

Chui Ming went for her neck and squeezed threateningly. She was startled by the sudden aggression.

She clawed at his powerful arms and struggled. "Chui Ming, what are you doing"

Chui Ming moved in closer and asked deliberately, "Do you know what happened outside?"

Wushuang was temporarily fazed but she came back stronger than before. "How would I know that? Let me go! How can you treat me like this?"

"Why can't I treat you like this? If not for you, would I, Chui Ming, have ended up in this state"

Wushuang was taken aback. Her sixth-sense told her something huge had happened.

"What do you mean by that What happened exactly? I didn't do anything"

"Xia Xinghe is your nemesis, right?" Chui Ming interrogated harshly, "She targeted me because of you! Chui Corps is over thanks to you, b*tch!"

Wushuang widened her eyes in shock. "What are you saying Xia Xinghe targeted you, Chui Corps is over? Explain clearly, what the f*ck has happened?"

Chui Ming released his grip on her body and she plopped to the floor like wet laundry.

Before she could sit up, a copy of newspaper slapped her harshly on her face. She heard Chui Ming's thunderous voice saying, "Read for yourself!"

Wushuang wouldn't dare to challenge Chui Ming anymore. She picked up the newspaper with shaking fingers.

On the front page was the news about Chui Corps' declining stocks

The stocks had been plummeting since the market opened and by now, it had reached a state of no return.

Wushuang wasn't a dumb person. After she read the news, she knew it was truly over for Chui Corps.

This was one huge catastrophe!

"How did this happen" Wushuang raised her head to ask. Her face was as white as a sheet of paper.

Chui Ming stood before her, blocking the light. From Wushuang's perspective, his expression was as dark as the shadow covering his body.