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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 119

    Chapter 119 Ruin Chui Corps With A Bet

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    Chapter 119: Ruin Chui Corps with a Bet!

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    He insisted adamantly that the result was rigged. He refused to recognize his King Kong Internet Security as worse than X PC Manager.

    "Chui Ming, the result is as clear as day, why are you arguing still?" Xiao Mo commented sternly, "Don't be a sore loser!"

    Chui Ming zeroed in on him, his gaze as chilly as the grave

    Xiao Mo was unfazed. In fact, he returned Chui Ming a similarly chilly gaze.

    His hatred towards Chui Ming was bubbling to the surface. Now that Chui Ming had lost, of course he was not going to let him off the hook so easily.

    "I had no idea CEO Chui was such a sore loser. Don't you forget about the promise you've made before the whole room!"

    "That's right, Chui Ming. We've not forgotten about your bet. You lost, so come out with it. Or are you going to argue your way out of this one as well?"

    "I'm sure a person of CEO Chui's stature wouldn't go back on his own words, right?" CEO Wang mocked.

    "Then, Chui Ming, quickly admit defeat!"

    "Yes, admit to the crowd that you've lost!"

    The cries for him to surrender kept on coming. Chui Ming looked around him and every face he saw had that satisfying smirk.

    Chui Ming felt his vision go dark.

    He didn't expect this day would ever come, the day where his ego would be trampled into the ground.

    It was all thanks to Xia Xinghe.

    Not only that, even Chui Corps' professional reputation was scattered to the wind.

    Following that would be the collapse of his profit

    It was all over.

    And yet, the most damning thing was forcing him to admit defeat before the roomful of people!

    It would be easier to him to hand over his life than doing that.

    But what option did he have? Deny it ever happen? Then it would truly be over for Chui Corps!

    No one would work with a company that had a bad reputation. If he refused to admit to the bet, he would drag the whole company down with him.

    Bad news travels especially fast.

    After the business world saw Chui Ming as an untrustworthy person Chui Corps would crumble overnight.

    This was Xinghe's plan since the beginning. She was going to ruin Chui Corps with a bet!

    Chui Ming looked at Xinghe suddenly and said with a scowl, "Xia Xinghe, I'm sure you must be satisfied with how things are going."

    Xinghe smirked in lieu of an answer.


    Not even a tiny bit, this was just the beginning.

    Xinghe would show no mercy towards those that violated her bottom line. Chui Ming, Wushuang, and Wu Rong. Time and again they had threatened the people dear to Xinghe's heart; she would squash them like a bug.

    They would be served with their rightful comeuppance soon enough.

    "Chui Ming, if you don't want to openly admit your defeat, how about giving me three audible kowtows?" Xinghe suggested softly like a queen who had the world under her fingertips.

    The muscle of Chui Ming's face twitched violently.

    He finally had a taste of his own medicine after forcing Xiao Mo to kowtow to him.

    He shouldn't have stopped right there and kindly let Xiao Mo go.

    He should have ruined that damnable CD when he had the chance!

    Chui Ming deeply regretted showing his enemy mercy, and to think he once had the perfect opportunity to ruin Xia Xinghe and her clan

    He forced himself to suppress his ego, hatred, and anger.

    He wasn't born yesterday. When push came to shove, he could suffer the humiliation and go for a tactical retreat.

    After all, it wasn't a total defeat.

    "Fine, I, Chui Ming, have lost!" Chui Ming wheezed through gritted teeth, "Words don't mean everything. So, are you happy now?"

    "Louder!" Xinghe ordered harshly, "and remember, you promised me three times!"

    Chui Ming's gum bled from clenching his teeth so forcefully.

    Xia Xinghe, that b*tch, I will kill her!

    Chui Ming swallowed the saliva that was laced with blood and yelled at the top of his lungs, "I, Chui Ming, have lost! I, Chui Ming, have lost! I, Chui Ming, have lost!"