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    Chapter 116 You Are Not My Equal

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    Chapter 116: You Are Not My Equal

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    She said it loud and clear.

    Xinghe was openly challenging and disrespecting Chui Ming!

    Chui Ming's face instantly turned several shades darker.

    He finally lost it. He pulled himself up and said sinisterly, "I lost? Xia Xinghe, aren't you getting a bit ahead of yourself? Winning this competition only proves that you're a more than average hacker but it doesn't prove that your software is better than Chui Corps'! You happen to know some hacking tricks and you dare say I lost Where does your confidence come from?"

    Xia Zhi was incensed facing Chui Ming's oppressive interrogation. "Chui Ming, the fact is you've lost. Words are not going"

    "He's right." Xinghe raised her hand to stop Xia Zhi from continuing.

    Xia Zhi turned to her in surprise. "Sis, why are you agreeing with him?"

    Xinghe explained softly, "Because he is in the right. This competition proves nothing beyond the fact that I'm a good hacker. It can't prove that our software is better than his. After all, both software packages were hacked by only one person. If we use only this to determine the software's quality, then the result would be too surface-level."

    "It's good that you know that!" Chui Ming scoffed, making fun of Xinghe's idiocy.

    Since she herself had admitted it, then she couldn't blame him for going down hard on her!

    "So, Xia Xinghe, how dare you say that we, Chui Corps, have lost? If you can't show the proof to back up your claim, I demand an apology!" Chui Ming didn't care that he was being exceptionally petty. He had to reclaim some semblance of authority no matter what.

    Plus, Xinghe openly challenged him, he didn't have to pretend to be courteous towards the b*tch anymore.

    He must let this b*tch know it is unwise to cross him!

    Xinghe was unperturbed. She looked on leisurely as if victory was already in her hands.

    "I dare to say it because it is the truth," she uttered nonchalantly.

    "Ha!" Chui Ming sneered, the cold sheen in his eyes deepened, "The truth? Just because you hacked our software first?"

    "Because of the result from the testing committee."

    Everyone was startled.

    The testing result hadn't been announced yet, so how could she know beforehand?

    Chui Ming implored with hints of uncertainty, "You know the result?"

    "Not yet."

    "Then how dare you say something like that" Chui Ming's eyes clouded over with malice, adding, "You're just a puny hacker, how dare you speak so insolently or do you not consider my Chui Corps a worthy equal!"

    To his astonishment, Xinghe nodded. "You're right, I don't consider you people my equal."

    "You Xia Xinghe, I gave you an inch but you're taking a mile Watch yourself or I won't go easy on you!" Chui Ming purposely threatened. He wanted to let the room know if anything was to happen to Xinghe, it was her own fault for asking for it.

    Xinghe was unruffled. She held eye contact with Chui Ming as she slowly strode towards him. "Oh yea? What do you plan to do?

    "Are you going to frame me, kidnap my family or have me assassinated"

    Chui Ming was burning up within taunted by Xinghe.

    He gripped the hands behind his back tightly to prevent himself from physically assaulting the woman.

    But Xinghe was not done.

    She strode emphatically to the VIP area, saying it to his face, "Chui whatever your name is, what else do you know other than these nasty tricks? I'm here to tell you, from today onwards, I, Xia Xinghe, am going to let you know what the consequence for crossing me is!"