Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 109

Chapter 109 An Official War With Chui Corps

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Chapter 109: An Official War with Chui Corps

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Xinghe's regal presence swept the entire room. She stared pointedly at Chui Ming who was at the end of her finger.

She held the room's rapt attention.

They wondered what Xinghe was up to. Whatever it was, they knew she wasn't there to make friends.

They were right that Xinghe came bearing hostility but her only target was Chui Ming!

"Chui Ming!" Xinghe enunciated word by word, "You've used all sorts of despicable ways meaning to pin me down but unfortunately for you today; I, Xia Xinghe, am still standing! So, I want you to listen closely, because from this moment onwards, it is officially a war between our two parties. I will show the world why they say the villains always end badly!"

After that, Xinghe ignored the looks the room tossed her and started working on the computer.

People wished they were as calm as her.

The things Xinghe said and did sent massive ripples across the room!

Just what was happening?

The fact that a woman who pretty much dropped from the sky dared to be so disrespectful towards Chui Ming alone was difficult for them to wrap their heads around, but now she was fiddling with the computer?

Could she really be a hacker?

Was she serious about taking down Chui Corps' security software?

The idea alone was ludicrous.

Chui Corps' King Kong Internet Security was practically unbeatable.

If it could be so easily done, the men at the competition would have cracked it a long time ago!

How could a woman accomplish something these men couldn't?

Then again, times had changed. Maybe a woman's detail-orientated nature was better suited for hacking. However, the key was whether she was able to do it within a short period of time!

From the looks of things, she was part of the company that wrote X PC Manager.

Could she really hack past King Kong Internet Security before their own X PC Manager was taken down?

Almost everyone was betting against her, but they also felt worried for her. Xinghe had openly crossed Chui Ming, if she failed, her ending wouldn't be pretty.

Nevertheless, the room of men had an indescribable admiration for her.

Her courage for coming up against Chui Ming alone was commendable.

After all, Chui Ming wasn't in a room of allies. No one there was particularly fond of him.

Therefore, many were actually glad Xinghe dared to declare war against Chui Ming. In fact, many silently cheered her on.

They didn't mind their own product losing to X PC Manager, the important thing was having King Kong Internet Security take a hit!

CEO Wong hadn't had such an adrenaline rush in many years.

At that moment, he felt giddy with excitement. The air in the room was charged with anticipation, he couldn't wait for the competition result to be revealed.

For some reason, he had an inkling that the woman could perform a feat of miracle and beat Chui Corps.

He prayed for his hunch to be correct.

CEO Wong snuck a look at Chui Ming and was taken aback by the latter's wrathful expression. He stared at Xinghe like a psychopath eyeing his next victim.

Without a doubt, the woman had trampled on Chui Ming's toes.

If she couldn't win this competition, then her fate CEO Wong didn't dare to go further than that, he prayed sincerely for the woman's success.

She teetered dangerously between glory and tragedy.

Junting was thinking the same thing.

He frowned and commented solemnly, "Who is that woman, I feel like I've seen her before. I wonder what her beef with Chui Ming is that she dared to openly declare war against him. Didn't she know that's not a wise move, considering who she's dealing with?"

Mubai's eyes had been glued onto Xinghe the moment she made her sudden appearance.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw Xinghe's fingers moving proficiently over the keyboard.