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    Chapter 108 Emotions

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    Chapter 108: Emotions

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    Was he dreaming?

    Why would his sister be there?

    Wasn't she detained at the precinct

    Xia Zhi rubbed his eyes and confirmed the slender figure at the door was his sister, Xia Xinghe. After leaving the police station, she rushed to the venue as fast as possible.

    She scanned the giant TV Screen and sighed in relief when she noticed X PC Manager still hadn't been broken through. Good, there was still time.

    "Sis" Xia Zhi hurled himself at her excitedly, adding, "Sis, is this really you? How can you be here? I saw you being taken away with my own two eyes."

    "Miss Xia" Xiao Mo too sprung up from his seat. He himself didn't even realize his hands were shaking from excitement.

    The rest of the room was astonished.

    When Chui Ming saw Xinghe, his face fell!

    Didn't he have his men bring Xinghe to the police station? How did she get out and what was she doing there?

    Mubai stared at her thoughtfully. He too was wondering the same thing.

    The question on practically everyone's mind was what was a woman doing there?

    All the hackers present that day were male. It was not that there weren't female hackers but they were far and few in between.

    This year's Hacker Competition happened to have no female hackers who registered so when a woman appeared at the venue, no one expected her to be one.

    Only ET looked at Xinghe strangely, like he could smell the similarities between them.

    Could she be the programmer behind X PC Manager?

    ET's eyes shone enthusiastically thinking about this possibility

    "We can talk about that later, quick, tell me what's the current situation," Xinghe brushed off Xia Zhi's enquiries and strode confidently towards the competition area.

    "Sis, over here, come take my seat," Xia Zhi fell into her beat instantly and led her towards his spot. He then quickly brought Xinghe up to speed.

    "Sis, our software is still holding up but that hacker, ET has taken two of our defenses down. Brother Xiao and I on the other hand only manage to wear out the first layer of King Kong Internet Security's defenses."

    Xia Zhi pointed at the man wearing a black cap across the room. Xinghe looked down that direction and she found herself meeting ET's dark eyes.

    The contact was brief but a challenge had been sent and accepted. The competition had gotten personal.

    "How long did he take?" Xinghe asked easily.

    Xia Zhi sighed before he came out with the answer, "Less than 20 minutes in total."

    "Not bad, he's quite a talent," Xinghe commented objectively. If he only used 20 minutes to take down X PC Manager's first two walls of defense, he is indeed praiseworthy.

    However, this bit of prowess was still child's play in Xinghe's eyes!

    Xia Zhi was confused. He asked worriedly, "Sis, you also think that he's good?"

    "He is very good."

    "Then, what should we do? He's starting on our third layer of defense!"

    They would lose if ET hacked through this last wall of defense.

    Xinghe was unconcerned. This third layer was not so easily breached.

    She still had time, plenty of time in fact.

    "Miss Xia, please start working soon," Xiao Mo pressed. He was worried they wouldn't be able to catch up.

    "There's no need to rush," Xinghe commented as she looked towards the VIP area. Chui Ming felt chilled as Xinghe's icy gaze swept over him.

    For some reason, he felt Xinghe's sudden appearance was an omen of worse things to come.

    The feeling only got stronger when their eyes met, and the next second he saw Xinghe pointing her finger at him