Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Sudden Appearance

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Chapter 107: Sudden Appearance

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"We can't wait anymore, we're losing badly here!" Xia Zhi retorted anxiously.

Internally, Xiao Mo was equally troubled but he tried his best to console Xia Zhi, "This is not the end, our loss is not a certainty"

"Brother Xiao, it's time to stop kidding ourselves." It was obvious that they were on the losing side. ET was making short work of them.

The moment X PC Manager was taken down, their fate would be sealed.

No, their fate was sealed the moment ET sat down.

Even if Xia Zhi rushed to the police station then it was already too late.

It was only a matter of time until they lost.

That was unless Xinghe suddenly appeared

But how was that possible?

Chui Ming would make certain his sister was firmly locked behind bars.

His former brother-in-law refused to help

Xia Zhi glared at Chui Ming who sat in the VIP area, his gaze full of hatred! It was him who ruined everything.

Xiao Mo similarly leveled Chui Ming an intense glare.

If possible, he would sacrifice his life to win this competition. He would sacrifice anything and everything for Xinghe to make a sudden appearance.

Alas, he knew that was impossible.

Why was God so cruel towards them?

They had the competition in their grasp, why would such a capable person work for Chui Ming to ruin their hope and dream?

Was it true that nice guys finish last? The world was that unfair?

Xiao Mo almost bit through his lips lamenting their regrettable fate.

The more saddened Xiao Mo was, the happier Chui Ming became.

He had been taking in Xiao Mo and Xia Zhi's reactions. He laughed delightfully watching their mounting despair.

CEO Wang who sat beside him of course understood why he was laughing.

He congratulated disingenuously, "CEO Chui, looks like you're going to have to treat the rest of us to a meal after all."

"Oh, it's still too early to tell who might nab first place," Chui Ming replied with a humble smile.

CEO Wang chuckled amiably, "Even the blind could see who will be the crowned winner. Who could rival the impressive hacker that CEO Chui hired?"

"You know what Of course, you're right. No one can ever stand in my way!" Chui Ming laughed arrogantly, all semblance of humility gone.

CEO Wang was speechless. But what else could he do, the moment Chui Corps' King Kong Internet Security hit the market, it swept all the sales chart. After these past few years of upgrades, it was practically invincible.

He hoped for someone to bring Chui Corps down a peg but it was in the end, wishful thinking.

He thought this X PC Manager could finally do King Kong Internet Security in but it looked like it was not meant to be.

Everyone present, Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo included, could see the competition was Chui Corps'.

However, Xia Zhi refused to give in. He knew it was impossible but he just couldn't sit there idly waiting for their defeat.

"Brother Xiao, I'm going to get my sister. Please don't stop me!" Xia Zhi stood up suddenly and rushed towards the entrance.

But right at that moment, the door was pushed open from the outside.

Xia Zhi stared disbelievingly at the person that soon walked through it. He was shell-shocked.